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Kai Creative

Great review! I just bought the Viltrox version ii for my M50 and it is fantastic!!

Sebastian Smith

Are there any issues with the connection? I have some issues with losing connectivity with my EF-EFM? Are there issues with this one?

Curtis Dias

But no dual auto focus when you go in 4K...

Ahmed ِAlghassani

I'm pretty sure Canon will report this video 😀 😀


trouble is, buying a light snazzy EOS-M camera is ruined by then putting a huge heavy EF lense on the front. 🙁

Paul C
Fantastic usable info. Been doing a lot of research on this. You also might add a missing video on the m50 --> using it as a stepping stone to a canon FF mirrorless. Example, buy m50 + speedboster now widely available viltrox $150 then buy EF or EF-S mount full frame lenses [instead of investing in EF-M APS-C crop lenses which are limited, can't use speedbooster and only work on the m50]. When it's in the budget to move to EOS R, RP or whatever comes next from canon in FF mirrorless you keep your lenses and just change the… Read more »
Savage 1776

I've had my M50 for 6 months and am just now learning about speed boosters. I can't believe after the thousands of hours of YouTube videos that I watched this is the first one that brought it up. Thank you Dave

Savage 1776

So I have a Canon M50, I have the Canon EF to EOS adapter oh, and I have a dozen EF lenses. If I buy the speedbooster can I still use the EF to EOS adapter?


Are you using 50mm STM? Or Mark ii
Is there a full frame adapter for EF-M lens?

ThothHeart Maat

They need to do this for efs and ef lenses on apsc sensors!

Ahmed Bicovich

Man can I ask you professional question are viltrox very good or commlite adaptur good now I need purchase adaptur for my canon m50 wish one the best


Does the speedbooster work with 1.4x and 2x teleconverters?

Euclid Eureka

white people likes canon because it makes their ugly white skin pink!..hHAHAHHAH

JD Diggy

Hey @kinotika will the sigma 18-35mm f1.8 work with the m50 and speed booster


with the 50mm 1.2 does the aperture go down to f1.0?

Uncle Bills Camping

This looks like a modded viltrox speedbooster for the sony e mount.

một đồng

You are using sigma 18-35 and viltrox ef-eos m2, isn't it

J.A Danga

You didn't mention the loss in resolution caused by the glass in the booster.

Mohamed Mourad

Thanks for your review,
Im planning to buy this camera.
Which lenses are the most recommended? Gonna start Youtube channel plus i have instagram fashion page which im taking flatlays for and maybe som modells. I did research about
EF m15-45
EF m 22
EF m 11-22
EF m 32
EF m 50-200

I have a budget of 2500 dollar but not sure about how many lenses m gonna need or is it better you use speed shutter with other Efs lenses?

pinoy trending

Great review sir... pls review in eos m6

The Metal Butcher

How is 4k with the 18-35/other crop lenses with the speedbooster? Since it's 1.7x it should work fine


4:31 lol the turtle. He's like that Drake meme: standard adapter? nah speed boosted? wsup

Chari Wilder

Always enjoy your videos! So, Can you buy the speed booster now in 2019? I just bought the M50 and need to know what lens to buy for vlogging. I heard the kit lens sucks.

British Boxer

Your giving people a false impression that this speedbooster will give a wider view or act like a full frame sensor, if this is the case then why does a 50mm become a 85mm with the viltrox speedbooster ?

it may well appear as if yur getting an estra stp of light, i can go from a f1.8 lens to 1.2 but its way beyond zoomed!

flyer STUDIO

M50 + Speedbooster, Image quality lost ???????? please help me.

George Charalambous

Great review mate! Just totally awesome!!

Padre Anacleto

Unfortunately image quality drops a lot with this unknown glass inside the adaptor

Brickolo _

Does the focus peaking work on the mobile app wirelessly?