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Daniel Okada

The the quick take is that a $1,300 camera body doesn't hold up well compared to a $2,000 body.

But it has a flip screen for vloggers. You might have to shoot with a 12mm lens to get decent framing at arm's length and use a gimble stick because no IBIS, but... you saved $700 on the body.


Canon has a shitty DR sensor. Maybe 5 years behind the competition...the rest of the camera seems good compared to a $700 more expensive a7III. Except that thing with the 24fps, which just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

Łukasz Solarek

Where is Nikon Z6 and Lumix S1? These cameras are better than Canon RP

Jeff Robins

How are you reviewing images for RP. I can’t get RAW files to open on my MAC. No one has support for the CR3 raw files.

Alex RS rider

I came here for the Sony A7III........and for the blondie.

AK Review TV

Amazing video. Always enjoy watching your videos.
I have also stared my Youtube channel. I am just a beginner but want to improve and would like to get your feedback on my videos.
Just made an Unboxing Video of SONY a7iii https://youtu.be/G897_Nb-PyA
Thank You 

Maxwannabe X

Thank you,I was choosing from these 2 cameras.

Tim Chan

Waste of time. Why didn't you compare the Eos R to the A7 iii?

Bert Sw

0:55sec "the Canon looks warmer"...
Is your monitor off or mine?
Look again.

Adam K

OK, I know this is stupid, but if I had such a fantastic model with me, I'd test all cameras from the beginning of time. And then I'd test all lenses from the beginning of time. Oh, and then I'd start all over again.

peter oht

I had to stop watching bec i had no idea what you guys are talking about. Some pointer on screen would be helpful.

The Slanted Lens

What camera comparisons would you want to see next?

Muhammad Khizar

Sony is Now and the Future too. Accept this Guys. The Competition is Only Fuji that's All.


if SONY's exposure is always under, turn the f* EFCS off...


I think RP vs A7 II would make more sense actually, they are much closer in specs.


9:00 Can't pick a winner? There are 5 frames soft at the end of the Sony shots. You can't pick a winner because the backlash of Sonyfans would take over the comments. Funny because everyone was shitting on Canon's lack of focus speed and it clearly won this test.

Maxwell Wellmax
Im a Canon user and not a Pro, so I got plenty of time to wait til Canon gets serious about Mirrorless. Right now Canon still sells plenty of DSLRs so they wont come out with a 1DX mirrorless, if Canon sees that they will be out of business before they're ready to let go of DSLRs, then they will reluctantly throw themselves into creating the Mirrorless camera all the people in Youtube keep screaming for!, but not til then. By the time Dslrs are niche products, Canon will have a large variety of lenses, larger better batteries and most… Read more »

i love youtube photographers like you because i’m a beginner and i wanna make a good investment 📸


Some one with no experence. The sony looks nice but almost fake

ivan rivas

Is sad that people dont understand the purpose of the video. All this canon fanboys are mad because the rp got humiliated. Is a great comparation should i buy the rp for the price even though i know what im missing with the better and expensive sony. Thanks to this video i can make a easier decision. Guys keep un this kind of videos. Dont listen to brand loyal dogs.

How To Make Simple Videos

100% Panasonic S1 wins. https://amzn.to/2xetgtO It has better lenses, better control set and it's by far the cheapest FF DSLR out there.


If only Sony had a F camera with the same price as the RP! T_T


In the ISO test we clearly see that the Sony has a darker exposure. Would have liked to see the Canon at ISO 3200 compared to Sony ISO 6400 and the same exposure settings. Or maybe raise the Sony ISO 6400 exposure to the same level as the Canon by one stop. Not trying to defend the Canons sensor, but it would have been interesting.

Peter Ros

This comparison is a no sense... The 2 camera have 2 different target and different price...

Couch Cam TV

Canon just has better lenses than sony, the rf 50 looks so much sharper