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Kokila Gunasinghe

Didn't get any of this until I watched this! Thanks!

Rc journeyz

Would that burn out the camera if it is constantly on like that?

Morgan Andi

Thank you for your video.
I did same as you on a new land cruiser but video is noisy when engine is running?!


how about wireless, where to connect the trigger?


I had this same camera on the same radio and truck about a year ago. I had to replace it a wire fell and hit the exhaust and shorted it out after the warranty window. But, before it was crystal clear , So I know it’s not the radio


Any idea why my pic would be a little grainy? I hooked it all up correctly double checked all connections and when I put in reverse the pic comes up on my pioneer radio fine. But the pic is kinda grainy looking ...

Abdulhalim Said

So where the GND wire goes, and also black and white wire is ghr reverse light wire there

orange m

You should connect power from back light otherwise it will work constantly

Aristeo Zepeda

Very good and clear explanation to due it yourself

aziz el moumni

Thx. Very clear explanation how to install a backup camera.

skateboarding is life

I dont have enough red wiring from the yellow end to connect to the light. What should I do

Mircea Sturza

hi i have this camera i install it it work but weni start the car i have probem with ta bilt


I did want to ask, do you need to change anything in the radio settings? I saw in camera settings on my pioneer it says to pick battery or ground , something about polarity ?


This has to be the BEST video on the internet showing CLEARLY how to hook up all wires. I’ve been researching 3 days and been so frustrated and about to just give up. Then I stumbled across the video and it’s so simple and I cannot thank you enough. Subbed and liked !!!

Man of Valor
I have a question on your how to install video. I installed a back up camera on my 2003 GMC ENVOY SLE, I did everything you said on how you would install by connecting the lower and ground to the back up light. Then the video rca red wire also hooked it up to the power. Then ran that video cable to the stereo. I realize my interface harness I added had a reverse wire along with the stereo as well, I hooked them up together and also added he red wire from the video cable to it. After I… Read more »
George GR

Hi my 2 Din stereo i just bought support reverse camera ,i did not purchased the camera who was with the unit because i wanted to get specific for Toyota yaris , but this stereo don't have a cable who says... reverse camera...
where i supposed to connect one of the 2 red cables on that case?
regards from Greece

Mirvais Sayyed

Bullshit...show me practical in car ...i didn't understand anything...

Jesus Gonzalez

Hi I made all the connections just like in your video, my camera is very similar to yours, but still saying no single plz help, what I'm I doing wrong

Martin Een

Thanks for the video.
Question: if routed with pwr from headunit feed won't the lights in the camera be on all the time? If so, does the headunit have a pwr out controlled by software key that is useable instead or in conjunction with revers light? (diodes between so they don't feed each other)


Thank you! Your video is very easy to understand and helpful 👍🏼

luis amoa

How would I go about having both? So I can have it come on when in reverse and also manually turn it on via "CAM" button on unit. I have the same radio in video:)

Jyothi Karnavar

I purchased a new camera and an IRVM display for my car today and i'm so happy to see this video. Actually, i want to install the new camera on front bumper of my honda accord to get a clearer front view while parking in tight spots and also to take care of the parking limiters. Can you suggest me if it is possible to add two cameras (reverse & front) in a single IRVM display? Please help.

terry page

What are the conneters called that you used to contact to the light. Great video 👌


Did this setup the only thing is I lost my factory turn signal & door chimes they sound different. What are my options for getting my factory door chimes/turn signals back? Thanks

Chase Campbell

What if the radio you have is compatible but the head unit doesn’t have “reverse” wire like yours ?


I agree with the others a dozen videos this is the one that made sense

Barney Gumble

thanks for the video . when I remove my keys from contact, the car radio does not go off. how do you solve this problem? thanks in advance

Thomas Wilbourn

So in the last way to install. 8:50. Does the red power wire from the camera run to the 12v constant wire (yellow) on the harness — or the accessory wire (red) on the harness? Yours are both connected together. Please and thank you!

Joe Hidalgo

Just went thru 10 of these vids..., yours was the one that finally helped makes sense of it all. Great visual lesson. Thank you!

juan contreras

This was the best explanation video for installing back up cam,, Thank you 2019

Nick Travelstead

You can also get constant power off of the running light on the taillight.


How can I connect a switch to turn on camera when I need it is that possible

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Brian Bee

This was a really great video. Thank you. Very clear and simple on the how to of backup camera wiring.

Jesse Kangas

Thanks for the video. With these methods of wiring this style of camera, the LEDs for the camera will always be on?

Skye Fuego

Finally. A video that explains it well. Thank you, sir.

David Gunter 2018

Thanks for the video, this one was the one I was looking for, best one on the Web.

David Gunter 2018

Is this a constant power source to the camera or only power on when the car is in reverse?