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Maj0r Gopn1k

Biggest nightmare in my entire life.

on the bright side, i don't live in China XD


This won't stop the house of cards from crumbling. No matter how much surveillance you flood society with.

Louis Wu
Actuely, i Don't understand why westerner talks about privacy all the day, in fact only the porn webs where you visit every day are privacy for a person. Others i don't think you have any So called privacy especially in public area. And for normal people we feel safe under cameras. Especially for girls. I think what China done is Great. Only bad guys are worried about skynet, Of cause including anti-china. I think China is smart to wipe out anti-china out of china. Too many voices only lead country to fall apart, which China have too much experience only… Read more »
madhu G

There is no privacy in commis China... This is govt is stealing individual liberty...

Sharique Abraham

Ohh fuck...they can found my ex tooo ...😂😂


China the worst country in the world (Government)

David Thangman

So when you even watching Po^n. They will know you?

rock androllman

usa technology is no 1 tech in the world and all time😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

ResponseAspire 4 Galaxy-2YOU

What about tons surveillance in London?

Louis Puthuvelil

Nothing hidden from the eyes of the almighty and the final judgement is only by him. Take care, do not to loose your souls, rest he shall take care.
God bless!

Alex ander

i feel safe im in china , all the grils can walk out in the night

John Gidayawan

I wish my country will follow this system.


No privacy, the government has too much power at this point. I hope this will only be in china.

Football Manager

Says the UK again, talks about racism, human right and spying. United Kingdom plays hypocrisy at its finest hahahahaha cheeky af

boss host

Thats why many chinese leaving their country


This is the Antichrist! Please wake up people and I'm not being sarcastic or trolling.


The irony is that Britain has the largest camera surveillance network in Europe since 1980s.
China is simply follow Britain's footstep. LOL

David Hynes

Stay away from Communist China like Nazi Germany.