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❓ ❓❓ ❓ What some people might need to know is, how do you get the content out of the cross and onto their COMPUTER ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

Mo Weems

I would think the sheer size of the thing would bring suspicion. Surely they could have made it smaller.


That things looks like it was made to slay vampires why isIt so big, and the cam sticks out like a transvistes Adams Apple.


why did you even bother to put this on the net if there is absolutely no audio?? ridiculous!!! & completely unhelpful. your video sucks!!!

rene s

lmao yeah thats right people want to know hot to set the fucking time or something else who doesnt know how to put the chain smfh


COME ON you can do a better video than this shit. WTF. By the way, the chain is fucking HORRIBLE. Don't be bragging about how 'fashion' it is on your very poorly translated into english description on your site

People want to know how to put in the battery or how the thing fucking charges, NOT how to put your .50 cent chain into the fucking chain LOOP.

OH it is so convenience to carry and looks really fashion! XD XD

SERIOUSLY is it a USB charger or what?