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Help me reach 100 subs

My screen all just rer filter :/

Belita William

screen is a bit flimsy and pushes inward (causing an hourglass shape to the image) any DIY fixes for this? i was thinking maybe gluing in some wooden dowels, but not sure how well that would work unless there's a common way among the community to fix this 😛

Jonathon Charlo Sr.

What if the TV turns on but shuts off on it's own after about 30 seconds?

Talour Cheeves

the white color n my tv is looking pink n pixellated just n looks like a green static n it can u help


I have an issue with a WD-73833 Mitsubishi DLP 1080p. When I turn it on , the audio sounds like it's popping almost as if it's like a record player when the record player skips the record, idk what the problem is, when I watch a show the audio will skip as if it sounds like it's muting /popping every 5 seconds or so


I have an issue with a WD-73833 Mitsubishi slip 1080p. When I turn it on , the audio sounds like it's popping almost as if it's like a record player when the record player skips the record, idk what the problem is, when I watch a show the audio will skip as if it sounds like it's muting /popping every 5 seconds or so. Please help asap

Spencer Berggren

mitsubishi wd 52327 is the lamp int he front?

Mojizz Mojeazy

I just replaced my bulb yesterday. cleaned it all out real good. turned on my set, it comes on but after about 3 to 5 minutes, it shuts itself off

Mr Bob

Have had a WD-65738 for years and still strong at 8100 hours (knock knock) . I had a problem now with no sound on left speaker. Connected an external audio source to both speakers through the side service holes and both have sound. Is this a board and is it work repairing??? Thanks and great videos.

Jeff Bassetti

No thermal paste between the heat synch and the new board?

Ivon Robledo

I have a 60 inch Mitsubishi dlp. When I click on button the status light blinks green continuously but screen does not come on. No sound comes from it either. Would I need to replace the chip on it or the lamp?

Thomas Switzer

I have a VIZIO M260VA 32-Inch Class RazorLED 720p LCD HDTV with red and green dots that cover the screen obstructing the view on startup. After a few minutes they subside and then become widely scattered dots of the same two colors ?

J Dee

Broke my tv the wd-73737 model color wheel does not disconnect from board. after he removes lens housing, not all wires disconnect. you can not freely take the board that holds the mirror chip. there goes $1000

Justin b

Do you have a video on how to repair the screen if it's slightly tilted (crocked) picture shows just fine, in fact I just had the chip replaced. I moved the tv to another location, plugged it up and the screen was slightly shift with one side higher than the other.

Trevor Burger

Some one help me please I don't know what I'm doing


im getting green scribble lines on my mitsubishi 73" dlp any suggestions what it might be? thank you.

fazer discover

hello.Does anyone have any input with regards to DIGITAL NOISE FILTER OFF/ON in Samsung LCD 5 series TV?? Cuz it's being flushed on the screen whenever I am watching any cable channel!!!

Zac Bond

i have a Samsung 61 white dots and then it just completely cut off is it the DLP chip

San Cristine

Your audio is too low, can hardly hear you. :/

Freestorm Seabreez

I have a wd 73737 mitsubishi tv shuts off after less than a minute. It will turn back on then shuts back off. The red light goes solid red, no flashing. It did start having white spots a few months before this.

Scott Morey

hey. samsung dlp in Tampa left sitting for years.turn on and vertical hold off. picture appears to be stuck in cycle from bottom to top. any advice?


Help! Had 100+ tiny white dots replaced chip w yours now have 25+ vertical white lines top to bottom !

Kevin Rumsey

I have JVC 65" with strange red or out of color of sync letters in the menu . How do I adjust the ventricle or horizontal holds on this 2003 model AV65WP74 and have a better picture to look at. Kevin.

Michael James

Where do you plug in a optical cord on a 73" DLP tv for your sound bar to work?

Jonathon Cano

My screen just became very dark, any idea?

Cliff Davis

Everybody give these codes but they never give the code 61 red 6 times and one yellow

Valerie  Salter
I am wondering if my brother is ruining my TV. The bulb went bad after three years. Some how, the new bulb was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. But, he said it came yesterday and today is Saturday. I think he put back in the old bulb and is tinkering with the television. I moved here and he had dozens of used house light bulbs that he was keeping. When I went into my new room where my mother used to sleep, he rigged my light bulbs on the ceiling so they would burn out every night. He had… Read more »
Enzo Dunn

What would cause green and pink squiggly lines moving around on my dlp

Poe Lemic

Mine just went out for my Mother's TV, so I plan to replace it. The dots were getting bad, but we were just holding on. But, I am going to use your strategies and save some money. Nicer TV's have arrived, but I want to push this one as far as possible. Because Comcast cable box isn't 4k yet, so I'lll upgrade when 4k's get added to our cable box. Again, thank you for really showing us how to save money and protect our family's income. Much appreciated ... Very good job !!!

joe c

When I turn my tv on it makes a high pitch noise that seems to rise and fall in volume. It does this for about a minute or so then turns off. The screen stays black with no sound. I’ve checked the lamp and it seems to be fine. Do you think it’s the chip cause I’d hate to waist money!

Orengell Harper

i have a 55" Mitsubishi smart tv that wont come on but its blinks 4 red and 8 yellow what can i do to fix it

Jackie Keister

My Mitsubishi dlp is flicker after I change the lamp.

kaztya avitia

Que precio tiene la pieza que se le cambio y como se pide para comprarla

Lauren McMonigle

Not easy if you have to get the chip 😕

Christopher K

I do not have this TV I have the HL61A750, Had my TV chip replaced by a tech about 3 years ago, it is almost 10 years old now still going strong, The LED's may go out soon I have some on hand about how long does the TV holds the charge after it is unplugged?

Xavier Rahman

I have this tv and I can't change the picture size can someone help

Douglas Eaton

I've got a 50" led dlp from samsung. Not only does it have white dots appearing, but there has been a "dark vertcal line" on one edge of the screen for at least a year now. The picture still shows through but it's kinda greyed out. I don't know if both problems are from the same culprit or more than one component is faulty. The tv is probably close to 10 years old. With advances in tv tech, does it really make sense to invest in trying to fix a dlp tv?

Brenda Qualls

Is there any way I can just clean the DLp Chip before I purchase one for my Mitsubishi WD73C9 tv I only had this tv for 4yrs , but I had it in storage for 2yrs, I have replaced the bulb twice since I had it

Thomas Nieland

What about only an occasionnal picture. Has sound but no picture


Great video.mine the center blue light lit along with the red stand by temp and the green lamp light.the screen does not turn on