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Shubham Choudhary

One said that "Things end but memories last forever". Whenever i listen to ed sheeran he brings back my all good or bad memories. He really got something that made me cry everytime whenever i listen to his songs. A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.

nomsa matsinye

And i still listen to it daily 🥰🥰


This song is so down to earth... Just like everyday stuff, no planets colliding, no death promise... just pure emotion

I dont even know what I am talking about??!! DamN!!!

Cassini Rose

How the hell did i miss out on this beautiful collab. If it wasn't for a 8D audio that i heard in random, i would have missed out on this beauty.

Cassini Rose

How the hell did i miss out on this beautiful collab. If it wasn't for a 8D audio that i heard in random, i would have missed out on this beauty.

Mabel Dela Paz

another hit from my fave Ed Sheeran! 😍😍😍

Jacqueline Kramer

Oooh baby in so in love with you i love this song so much ❤️

Maria Jesus Medina

Que hermosa canción! Me emociona tanto porque se la canto a mi bebé💗😍gracias Ed por hacerla está bella canción 💗


this song gives me goosebumps every goddamned time

Justina Folorunsho

This definitely sounds like a wedding song

Richard Lawrence

Please check out my new single ”CAN I “ 🚨 🚨 🚨
Irrelevant — Can I

Arno Deboosere

I love this song. I don't like YEBBA's voice for this tho... but, ah well


Me when Ed sings this song: Yeah, doesnt sound too much different from what he's done before
Me when YEBBA starts singing: jaw drops to the ground and stays there for the rest of the song
YEBBA kills it in this song, her voice is incredibly powerful and beautiful, some serious talent

yashna 24

Now matter when but I would truly like to sing this to my love in future...

Lotta Schäfer

I want a version without yebba i just think her voice is a little too high for this song

Sadness AL

A commented on this video a weeks ago, i said im so lucky to have her, but idk why, why god has taken her away from me, we sang this before SHE fell asleep forever, you may rest in peace mahal T.T iloveyooou so much and i will keep on listening to this song until i get old, you will remain in our hearts, ILOVEYOJSOMUCH AND I MISSYOU


My best friend sent this to me and told me it made him think of me, guys get yourself a homie


finally, the old taste of ed is back :')


my boyfriend sent me this and said, "you know how I always say 'why do you love me when you could have anyone else?' and how you always say 'why do you love me when I don't even love myself?' but tonight, despite everything, I just want you to remember that the best part of me is you."

i'm the luckiest girl in the entire universe 😭

Laetitia Edogiawerie

Chandler and Monica could have written this to each other

Laetitia Edogiawerie

Chandler could have written this for Monica 😭❤️ ( I mean the Ed part)


I'm so inlove every time I listen to your songs Ed Sheeran! You are the best!! 😘

Alicia Takhellambam

m missing someone but idk who's that person 😅

Laetitia Edogiawerie

Why does this makes me think of Chandler and Monica😭❤️

Rousea a

i wish someday i could feel these lyrics in my real life

Rousea a

these lyrics isn’t for me. bcs nobody loves me. hehe

Jayrhom Almonteros

I won't be surprise if one day this one will be everybody's favorite song and I am so proud falling in love with this one before every one does.

Toni lomax

When you hear a song that is pure perfection and makes you reconsider what you are settling for and realise you do deserve a pure love... Just comes to shows how deep, pure and meaningful a song can be and this beautiful song is exactly that ❤ 💯 as always from Ed 😊

The world of everything . Infinite

Ohh dear I was so encouraged to express my love to my gf before I realised that I didn't had one.
Ed your songs makes me love the person whom I imagine yo have.