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Piøuś Sýntang

Hi Gemma...
Its my humble request for you to please do the comparison on Canon 800d and Canon 77d in photos and video as well as the features on both the camera.

Will be greatly thankful.🙂🤗

Tom Aspland

Would you buy one with your own money if you already had the 5d mk iv?

Alexei Cristea

Such a bad review! The girl is nice btw 😉

Joey Richardson, Jr.

I just bought a 5DS, but she's pretty attractive.


Wow, canon Australia, great comparison vid.


Canon Australia channel... Uploads an out of focus video. great.

Koduvaai Kumaran

Is it worth comparing M4 with RP... I think canon aussies ganged up comparing all canon gears with RP and suggesting us why we shouldn’t buy RP... almost ... finally it ended like this work horse vs future baby 👶 🍼 thanks though... 🤔😋

Shu Lam

Thanks for sharing. It will be better if u can shoot photos with each of them with the same object just to compare. PS love your voice and accent! Such pleasant noise to hear! Haha

Jay Kune

I was wondering, how much canon paid her? It's the "art of sales talk"

Jose Ceja

Glad I seen all these comments! Lol. Guess I’m going with the 5d Mark iv! 🤓

Sasha G4

Canon Australia you lost one important point. What about AF ? Wich is much quicker ? Also at night (moon shine) conditions ?

Nga'Nga Wa Kioi

Felt like a sales pitch at a used car sales lot

Bornalee Hatiboruah

Can't even afford 1300D what am i doing here?

Bikash Lakra

Why not make full touch screen dslr, if phone are changing from button to touchscreen then dslr should also change or put some phy

Lyon Camera Straps

Thanks But NOT Taking Risks with this camera !! the a7iii beats this camera !! and the lenses? freaking EXPANSIVE!!! She mentions 5D V it's the best DSLR ?? Does she know about the 1DX ii ?? why Pro photographers are turning into Sales persons ?? really??

Larry Kay

OMG. Gemma, please tell me there’s a Mr Peanut !


You kind of threw me on your comment that the RF lens are sharper and better than the EF, i don't think that 's been proven and it puts a black eye on your review


Thanks Gemma 🥜 very helpful. I still don’t know which one to get though 😬


Din't realize this was an ad til the end. I feel so cheated.


The argument to turn off features you don't want doesn't really make much sense. Why? Because you already paid for those features. You can turn off one or two minor features, any more than that and you better off buying something else that will better suit your needs.

It's the same as me asking Canon to give me discount in exchange for disabling features. Canon wouldn't do it because they already spent money putting those features in.

Nerses Grigoryan

So on EOS-R Canon got rid of the back rotating dial and added the control ring on the lens ( probably just no room cause) but they advertise it as an invention or century. But the total number of control dials stayed same. Just users of EF lenses will need to pay extra $200 since will be stuck with only one rotating dial.

Jim Talor

I have the 5dmk4 and when canon comes out with eos R "mk4" with dual card slots etc then I might switch.

Pashminu Mansukhani

Pretty neat video. Loved the simple way of explaining every important aspect. In 2019, do we slight cling to 2016 hardware / software?

Also, one of the critical aspects to be considered is the vari-angle LCD screen, that makes life so easy; while shooting over the head shots and ground level clips.

As a Canon 6D user since 2014; I am definitely going for Canon EOS R. Waiting for the battery grip for EOS R in India.


Great vid, but saying E-OS R instead of E O S R was r/mildlyinfuriating :/


I like your straight forward explanation ! Thanks

Bemnet Nkhu ብእምነት ንቅሑ

Hey which one is good for filming wedding

Antti Tapio

I hope Canon brings Eye-control back. It would be so much better than this thumb thing


One memory card slot on the EOS R? That fact alone is a deal breaker.

The Benjamin Banks

this isnt an eos r vs 5dmkiv this is an eos r highlight video.


Yeah we all believe Peanut is her real last name. #not

Adi New

Hi, which of the two would I take on Safari.


A big gloss of the important features like worse low light ISO in the R, the

Joby V P

U guys have many camera ,just give me that EOS R ,PJV