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Sophia Rocha

How to change the color of edge lightning?

Halyo Cill

I'm tryna hide an app n I did but, when u at the app screen n push the search the hidden app is there 🙄😖. How do I hide it from the search? Help!!!


How do I make the "Jimmy part" big on my phone too


Hey Jimmy! Question how come on my s8+ or the s9+ I cant get the edge light to work with my text app "mood"


About #4 gallery feature...
You can actually select pictures not only in a single row but in multiple rows. Press and hold on 1 picture BUT DON'T release it, keep your finger on it and when the option for selecting more pictures shows up just start moving your finger up or down and select pictures from multiple rows (not row by row) in matter of seconds.

FlamingoLady Dee

Thx for the tips, esp the dexterity one, love it. Do you have any tips on dealing with that stupid Bixby button? Every time I try to turn the phone off, my finger hits it and instead of turning off Bixby pops up! Is there a place to change the length of time to touch it before it pops up?

FlamingoLady Dee

Have another question for you. I design my own graphics, and want to load some as emojis onto the S9, is this possible, and if so, how and where to place them? (don't want the AR emoji, just my custom graphics). thanks.

David Joseph

Lol i can typ fasy because i make my keyboard bigger and its easier to tpye


Fantastic video. I really like the gallery and open the screen without touching it. Best of all — no stupid fucking annoying stupid background music in the background. Well done!

Wendy Flores

Hello there, I just wondering I was going to upgrade for my phone right now I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, what do you recommend to get the S8 or the S9 Samsung Galaxy?

nocky nock

I like watching your videos when I get a new phone so thank you.However I have a Samsung S9+ and they just did a software upgrade and took away the always on display so now I have to touch my phone to see the display. So now it's a NOT ALWAYS on display. They also took away my option to hide the "Recent & Back press Bar". do you have a contact or email address, who I can write to or email to complain about this. Regards NOCKY

Christopher Kimsey

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Charisse Andrews

Touch sensitivity is now under display option

Yana Terman

Can you tell me please if Easy screen turn on also availble in galaxy 10+ ? Thank you!

Qurat Ul Ain

How to rearrange ur apps screen on s9plus??


The second thing i enable couse is cool on a big phone. The shit part of this is, if you turn your phone around then unfortunately not the background turn

Anthony Velez

what's the opening song? sounds familiar


Hey Can I email you with a slight issue with a scratch on my phone s9. I understand its got gorilla glass. I'm hoping you can give me info on the warranty from samsung. Thanks for letting me know.

Crystal Matte

How did you get your pic beside your text?