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Anti Gravity

There is only one speaker inside NOT three.

Christopher John Elancheziyan

If google have inbuilt air freshener
hey google, release the goods
Google: my man.

Trash Talk

do you need a chromecast to connect a google home to a smart Tv.


Great Video man! Super helpful and to perfect for sharing with friends who need help!

Ryan Murray

Omg god my google home went off and my name is Ryan so it was an extra creep factor


Can you use the old chromecast or only the new one?

Noah Walsh

I guess the "music for brain power" didn't work.


Does your Google Home sound better after the update to add Bass and Treble?

Brian Phetnavong

If you have the two. Could you use the voice command to turn off your tv?

Jenjoy Conley

Will chromecast work with my RCA flat screen?..its not a smart tv

Freedom 1

Dude,,,,you making my google home try to freshen the air...ha ha

Lucille Green

Is Comcast in Google home speaker that's what it is it's Comcast and Google home speaker is the internet internet service and it also is the Home Security and Google is Comcast new movies in home security and cameras that see you when you go out there and steal something

Brandi Sabol

My google home kept going off during this video 😂

Raymond Chavez

does the audio come out of the home or the TV?

Vishal Sapakale

DreamPlaylist while falling asleep. good one

America Pride

What chrome cast speakers do you suggest

Eldad Aflalo

Please how i link anova sous vide to google home

jodie Nkurunziza

Please I have a question if Chromecast is not using power can be a problem because I have issues with my Chromecast now is not be found by Google home speaker could be a problem?

Bradley Heylen

I can't connect my Google home Mini to my Google Chromecast 3200 and I can see Netflix or YouTube on a monitor (screen without built-in speakers), and use my Google home Mini as a speaker if so how

Kick games

Can you play YouTube and Netflix with you chromecast without smart tv

Spyros Hormovitis

Now hey google activates phones 👏

Kim Marcus

I started this youtube instructional video and his command worked on my Google Home Chromecast TV...immediately started playing the movie


Thanks bro I don't know how to use Google home


So i got the google home bought the ultra chromecast have a Samsung smart tv umm un558 something series can i use the google home to kick in audio from the tv?

jodie Nkurunziza

Hi,Please how can I get the good from YouTube to Google home speaker?

Christian Collado

Q: if you play a video in your t.v via Chromecast, does the audio cast to your Google home or your t.v speakers?

Family and Fit

I though the same thing with the air freshener


These videos that are made are not watched so much b/c creators do not know how to stop saying Hey Google.

Reivax Roque

Im trying to learn how to have the video part of it playing on the tv and the audio part of it playing on the google speakers through a group but the audio always comes from the tv speakers

Logan Paup

Hey is there a way to essentially play the sound through the Google home from the tv? Almost like a surround sound.