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I would like to know what to do if my movies or any videos won't go full frame when I turn phone Pier. It used to and I've gone through all settings that I can think of and my phone is still not doing it... it is a Android I believe Revel

Loretta Johnson

Dam it I just want to know how I watch movies from my phone to my tv

Jose Joel Martinez Cardoza

Jose Joel Martinez Cardoza

Roger Barraud

Srsly? You have to specify 'In San Francisco' for everything... when you are in SFO?
...how many King Tut exhibits are there within say 100 miles?

Roger Barraud

Now GOOG can snitch on you in RealTime to the Spooks... Yayyy!!!
:- (

Roger Barraud

Hi, I am <name>, and I am being held against my will and forced to do videos by SJW Biotches...

Yuriy Arseniev

All the features already exist in Cygic Navigator for years. They even have head-up display and video registration features.

Miki Bishop

The word is route as in, root. It's not route, as in, doubt. You might also take note that it is data, as in, beta, alligAtor. It's not data, as in, My Dada is the best Dada in the whole wide world! It's not baby talk. It's not like: matter, fatter, bladder, no. One of television's most-watched most-loved ever shows spent twelve plus seasons trying to teach us how to say the word, data. When the hell are people ever going to learn it?


difinitivamente , este sistema de localización, se ha impuesto por su utilidad y precisión. Solo hay que mantenerlo actualizado. Esperamos que pronto se actualice sin necesidad de bajarlo, por el computador.


En définitive, ce système de localisation a été imposé pour son utilité et sa précision. Vous devez juste le garder à jour. Nous espérons qu'il sera bientôt mis à jour sans qu'il soit nécessaire de le télécharger, par l'ordinateur.


Definitely, this location system has been imposed for its usefulness and precision. You just have to keep it updated. We hope that it will soon be updated without needing to download it, by the computer.

Angel otoniel betancourt walker

Con toda obesidad, es unas facilidades bien inovadoras, nos facilita el acceso a sitios que no conocemos abiertamente a la man increíble

Paulo Henrique Junior

9 years later and this is the best maps tool I ever use! <3
Thanks Google!

Bob Lightner

No reason to waste money on nav systems in cars. Just take your cell phone and use google maps. Much easier and much more accurate even more accurate than new navigation systems. What needs to be done is allow the cell phone to become the screen of the nav system with a USB connection or something similar. Haven't seen that done yet, but I would use it always.

Evelina-eva Kazakova

and wife , and beta navbigation to...

Jennifer Cadwell

Why does.the human body I have more hair on one side than the other?

markie Leonard Irrobali



Claims to be at the museum, yet he's clearly using chroma key...

Neek Fieury

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javier Larrea inturmendi

¡Pero porqué lo hablan todo en inglés¡?..Habemos más de 300 millones, pero muchisimos más , qué hablamos español y yo digo: ¿porqué no nos lo explican en nuestro idioma? ¿ eh ?.. ¿porqué? , digo yo!

The Aviationist Khizr

2019 anyone?

Thank you google for all the times you have rescued me even a decade later.

DJ Connor

When is google 2 wheeler going to be released in the USA? I would like to test an Apple version the summer of 2019. I am trying to plan a scooter trip (150cc) across America covering about 6000 miles in 30 days. Need a Beta Tester. You could feature live tracking, video, pictures and more.