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James Patrick Yap

How's the battery life on the GoPro7 Black?

Rosie Rosales

Excellent video, very well thought out and presented, Thanks

Michael Dougherty

Informative and a well filmed,liked and subscribed,thank you.


My go pro black 7 heats up really quick and battery drains very fast ... wtf so stupid go pro can do better than this!!! My silver 4 go pro still to OP in front of those new shits

Your Souls Project With Erica Kristene

This was a great video I’ve been so confused about my go Pro and how to use it thank you!

Roseli Roseli

Im here because im finally a go pro owner! So excited!!!

Rihan Rana Magar

Thanks for helping to operate GoPro 7. I was so confuse how to use. You made me easy to handle GoPro 7.

Randall Trantham

what app, specific name please, thanks and thanks for the video

Samuel Suardi

This video is very helpful
Nice work keep it up

Rodnixon Cenas

When my GoPro is fully charged the lights don’t turn off please tell me why

Ride Like a Pro Jerry Palladino

How do you record in slow motion with the Hero 7 black?


on my way to Best Buy right now. Thank you so much for the video💚 super helpful✌✌


i want gopro but i dont have😢
i wish i had that i want to use
but when i got money i just buy sjcam

Cecelia Maurer

I just got one for my birthday a few minutes ago! Thanks for the video!

The Salo Family

Gopro hero 7 is the new vlogging camera.

Willpower tj

Who actually thumbs down this video... it's so informative... excellent ...

Coco Nut

Thank you so much! Really struggled to get to grips with my GoPro as I am not a camera buff, just wanted it to use it on family holidays... Love how even I can now start to get more use out of the camera — thank you!!

Lasse Fernov

Well ... the sensor is 4:3 ... so maybe that’s why it’s default. That’s the ratio where you capture most

WabiCat Casa侘貓宅

Can I connect gb 7 both to iPhone & tablet, or only choose one device?

WabiCat Casa侘貓宅

Very clear info, just got my first GB 7, thx

Mathews Hoyt

1080 is the best. Not everyone has a 4k display. I know i dont...


Do u know how to sent the video in GoPro come IPad

The Adventures of Wizard Tom!

Got my 7 Black yesterday. Only thing I did wrong was rip open the box. Oh well. Learned a lot from the video. Thanks so much.

Scott Jenkins

Great video, just upgraded to the 7 and found it very helpful. Thank You!

Always G

Thank you I just brought my GoPro & I'm rushing to my adventure this was right on time!


Hdr does much more than just make photos brighter

J.T. Films

Hey all you GoPro fans! Please do me a big favor by checking out my recent video. I would really appreciate it, thanks legends 🙏🏼

Carla Ferrari

Thanks a lot for sharing this information, really useful for someone who just got a new go pro camera... the questions I have are this: how long does the battery should take to charge, why does the camera get really hot when charging or when in use and it’s battery gets low quick, couple of short videos, few pictures, a little bit of changing settings, etc then it’s already in 60% I switch it off then when I get home it will be on 40 % is that a normal thing to expect?


I had my gopro turned on and it done all commands you said on video...

Randall Trantham

7 is booting up for the first time all French language and such, HELP