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Nikita Redko
Late to this party ... aside from the bigger nut to crack — "tracking moving objects"( mentioned in video ) this needs precision (4k, 8k...) and most importantly real world input — this means when I put my finger on a real physical object (or special laser pointer type device) it should scan back to software and allow me to only work in 3d and minimal to no computer screen etc.Use case for me would be in construction : projecting stuff for customers or management etc. Could be used as multiple laser levels , map multiple holes for drilling (as opposed to… Read more »

23:27 affect... the effect
Only old people still know the difference...


It's amazing how many comments have been made about how this can be done easily by, coders, hardware gurus, undergraduates. What about, soccer moms, waiters, ditch diggers, and junior high art students?

Everything is easy for experts in the field. This device trades complex features for ease of setup and use. In other words, as stated in the video, it makes it accessible to the average person.

I. Fucking. Hate. Cynics.


THIS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gkidC6hTlY is cool. But Lightform is static. It looks garbage.
I've seen way better projects using Lighthouse tracking (Trackers, HTC VIVE) technology... just check the video.

IraQ Nid

HeavyM is software that does just that. Lets anyone projection map onto any surface they like.

Neil Charfi

really cool , but can this work on a larger scale?? like a stage set, and with people moving in front of it?


This was definitely technology based off of Johnny Lee's projection calibration projects, even the calibration methods are equal to his

Scars N Stripes

Seems there are a lot of people thinking that this would only be really good for commercial or retail use. I could definitely see home users buying this as well. $700-$1500 might seem like a lot, but how much do some people spend on Christmas decorations on their home? (and that's jut one holiday,this could be repurposed for Halloween,4th of July or whatever you want)

Benny Flaco

I'm thinking about Rohrschach of Watchmen on a Mannequin

hafizudin rozman

What software that you use for mapping ? Is that available for normal laptop or just for MacBook software


I like the mapping but the content is too canned. I would want to use it with Resolume Arena.

Nicholas Perry

Would this be able to work in an outside environment?

Nicholas Perry

did he say Skrillax or Skrillex? the EDM head in me wants to know lol


The guy should learn to tuck in his shirt. That is lazy; and I'd not buy a product from him. One half of shirt is not what I want in a salesman.

music is a secret

all these software totally overpriced!"

Erik Stull

This is a xbox 360 or xbox one kinect with a arduino. You get there fancy coding with it, but at a 700 dollar price. Your better off buying a kinect and arduino and doing a little bit of work and learn how to do it yourself for free its easy.

Anthony Steele

The demonstrations looked rubbish to be honest but probably have potential

Jane Ellen Frazier Newman

When will Wave 2 be available?!?!?!?!


Processing is the same whether you are dealing with a 1 foot cube or a large building. The 1080p projector is the limit. Same number of pixels for both. It's just that the graphics will be really chunky on the massive target.


oh man VFX artists have been doing this since 2002 its soo easy!

Nikhil Verma

Can the same thing be done using kinect's hardware?

Michael Tomlinson

you could recreate the effects they show here in about 5 minutes for free if you get 'painting with light" software. not the 3d scanning, but noone would notice.

Andy S

does the Lightform works on any projectors? I'm looking for a solution for outdoor projection for a building, what projector does the Lightform work on and what projector do you recommend for outdoor projection

Mark Airwind

sweet!!! now I can scan my girlfriend's face and put any pornstars face that I want!