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Fucked Gplus

Its cool that we can cut things with ligth


I'm pretty sure that the government is spying me now, bought a small laser pointer 3 in 1 literally yesterday, this appeared on my recommended videos today

Maximus Dear

Is the red color reason of glass beads as same as ruby bead? I mean do they have same TM or RE atom doping? If not, it is unfair to compare them with each other, and their shapes are also totally unfair to compare. I want to kown why the ruby so bright.

Maximus Dear

Why is ruby so bright and glass so gloomy, because ruby beads is perfect sphere and glass not?

Vikram Singh
Any guy who is not in engineering may struggle with these since it takes 1 semester and 1 complete chapter about laser in Applied Physics subject to fully understand. Still the video was very accurate and simplified and all the things said was true and accurate.Explain : for those who dont get anything : the electrons of few materials like GaAs are made to excite such a way that a large no. Of electrons are made to jump on higher energy state (pumping & Population inversion) and then when they loose energy they go to metastable state (intermediate energy level),… Read more »
LOL Science

I understood everything he said... I feel weird, that’s not normal!

Michel Pierre



This guy looks 16 and 61 at the same time. (Loved the video.)

anilkumar jangbahadu

What type of light excites photons

So, regarding that thing where the bulb wrapped around the ruby being pulsed to create an amplified wave. Is the frequency at which the bulb is pulsed essentially the light-resonant frequency? It seems very similar in concept to resonant frequency, that being pulses of energy input timed specifically to amplify the crest of the energy wave. But I've never heard of light resonant frequency. Is that a thing? Is there a relationship between these two phenomena?I don't see how you could ever end up with a beam of light that is normal to the face of the mirrors on the… Read more »
Nathan .Star

How did Ted Maiman know to experiment with a ruby cylinder ( which i imagine he had get manufactured specifically ) inside the coils of a xenon arc flash bulb ?

Manly Bean

I understand most of these but this... Not so much lol

Alex Evert

Hey, lets give a little love to Charles H. Townes who invented the MASER...the microwave precursor to the LASER.


Fun how he speaks in 3rd person in the description


If any of you have taken a basic chemistry class you should be able to understand this video... I passed high school with the bare minimum science credits and I still understood.


I'm sorry but that hollywood music makes it so hard to watch. In that aluminium can video, you guys never had that so it was easy to watch and learn. Your content doesn't seem to be great for consumption anyway so I don't know whats the point.

Jasper Culannay

Anyome gonna talk about him having Ruby?

brandon bentley

I built a helium neon laser in 7th grade...I still have it it's .5mw...I won the science fair for 7th through 12th grade overall. I was inspired by the 1985 movie Real Genius.

Enduring Mantle

The music that some of your videos have in them reminds me of the music from the Sims.

andrew berg

Seems to me that total internal reflection would keep most of the light from exiting through the sides of the ruby rod. I would imagine that most off-axis light is lost at the silvered ends either through absorbance or transmission.

Frozenking Frozenking

Hahaha chemistry department talking math and dont know talking about what

inferno 601

you just revised my who life of studying with those words and shock my head