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the reason why the top of the scalp looks weird is because of the fresnel effect and the lack of above shots

Petter Källman

Om än bara för presentation, klipp och rensa under naglarna. Please and thank you.

ray med

My Fisher Price camera don't have any plug ins


This is a super well researched video, congrats and thanks!

Mac Swanton

From all of us who have had their dreams dented by the hard reality of 3D scanning, thank you for taking out some of the sting. Here's one more like and sub

Trevor Brain

I want to try this to make some radio control car parts which are bent, I need to get made from CNC titanium but I need to add measurements can this be done?


Fantastic tutorial! I am a neophyte with zero 3D experience and a huge interest in learning about it. Until I found this video I was totally ignorant of how to create files. None of the videos about or instructions for 3D printers discuss files other than mentioning different softwares available. This step-by-step guide was a giant step for me towards understanding the process. I particularly appreciate the advice about spray painting the model in contrasting colors. I can't wait to try this!

Alan Fernandes

the best video of 3d scanning of all time on youtube! thank you very much!


I made a mask I made and I put it ina  printer then I cut it out and it worked

Oskar Bech-Trueman

Are you perhaps referring to alchemy?