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Dan Xaimoi

why did u did u fucking asshole now the adminstration blocked me from using the device manager fucking asshole!!

Octavia Yalo

uninstalling and scanning the hardware worked for me too, thank you so much for the video!!!

Emily Asbjørnsen

thing for me is, i can’t find my camera at all. i bought my computer yesterday, and when i go to device manager it wont pop up, i even checked off the show hidden things or whatever, i cant find it at all. ive been stressed all day because i just cant figure out how to fix it and its bugging me...

Daniel Du

option 2 worked for me! couldn't make fb vid calls before that

Biplav Chhetri

error problem fixed ,and micro phone is working but camera display grey screen can i have suggestion regarding this

C4 pheodora

OMG... I think I have deleted it... (Device Manager — Imaging Device) is not there... What can I do


Method 2 Worked for me! I restarted my PC and Waala!

Edward Castillo

really thanx... I had forgotten I disabled the camera in the security options

Channel Haydon

Thanks you soo much uninstalling worked

Lau Angarita

The second solution worked for me. Thanks !


When you think you know what your doing and you go ahead and unstall it.

Tutorial: don’t uninstall it!

Me: .

phyl Lalka

Method 2 works well; try it! I am now using an ancient webcam 🙂