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John Parpuet

looking for a sugar Daddy,most women every where are.

William Stiggers

I've been on several sites asking what the job market is like there. I served in the Construction Battalion the CBs and I'm interested in finding out more about moving to Pattaya City Thailand. I truly believe that my skills would be of value there. I'm not retired or wealthy. But I'm willing to earn a living there. Can you tell me if it's feasible

Miguel Banana

I respect these women than other workless people, atleast they try to make a living. Hate it when they downgrade these humans.

tuPop Damu

Phillipines Girls puxxy smells like wet dog... nasty sluts...

tuPop Damu

The Phillipines the only place where senior citizens go to have sex with ladyboys or young sluts for $2.50 American dollars 😂 old saggy nuts // viagra & ciales is there drug of choice #hahahaha

Calvin Roach

Hello, I’m in the Philippines now. Never been to Angeles. Thanks for the view!

Tom Meyers

A lot of them are fat. I guess that's the Latino influence.

John Parpuet

well i know a girl that stripped her way through collage

Jonathan Ortega

The only thing that I can get the bar lady pay me is the kiss.

John Parpuet

if i knew i was going to move there i would take a 6 month class in their language.never go anywhere unprepared

John Parpuet

WOW you could not do that in chicago you would get got for your camera .or their pimps would beat you up and break your camera thinking your press.

Jeff D

I like how you Think and you have real words, nothing fake about it

ma.theresa villa recososa

Omg! I just watch this video...am filipina but this place flooded of bar girls...i came from mindanao


Can you pay bar fines with a credit card? Need to get that cash back lol

Greg Kusturin

Brown sugar n geckos been there forever. I miss that place!!!

Mr Rotary

You've been shagging too many hooker's...You look like death warmed up

angelo hinubania

Because a lot of shit were there 😂😂🔫💣💣

Jonathan Ortega

When I was in Philippines last year, the Filipino women are stalking on me.