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Is that lady at beginning of video Ms Annie Laurie? Looks like her.

Shivu MG

Plz guide me am TV reporter so sting operation vedious caughts so plz which one Best Buy??? Audio vedio booth recording in one touch

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Why do you want the cameras to be hidden? You want them in the face of the burglar or home intruder. Out of reach yes, but not out of sight. Most of the time just seeing a camera is enough to make most criminals move on, but if they don't think there been recorded then the will come right in. This method would only work if your trying to capture people and you want them to get in.I always think of each security measure as a layer and the more layers you have the more secure your home is. The… Read more »
Good video! I got some ideas for the indoor cameras I'll be setting up. I have an Arlo Pro, with a dark brown skin, mounted in an oak, by my driveway. Some stranger pulled up one morning, set off my notification, and I came around the garage, phone in hand. The guy was out of his truck, and said, "Are you taking pictures of me?" (Hey idiot, it's MY driveway.) I told him no, he just tripped the alarm. The camera was recording him the moment he drove in, and he had no clue. I don't even want the jokers… Read more »
Kim Jong-un

Most cameras you have to pay a service fee every month ,are there any cameras that dont have a service fee?

Kind of like how a home security have a service fee.
I want to get a home security camera but they all come with a monthly service fee.

Gino vaffanculo

the problem I find is the battery life is not longer than 1 hour unless connected to a USB charge
which makes the wireless WIRED


I hide them to monitor the bastard kids misbehaving when we leave them home. Old enough to stay home, but they're boys, and we need to know when they're doing something stupid. If the camera is out in the open, they'll change their behavior.

How to hide a camera in an area outside without any places to hide anything...!!! Someone has been stealing things off a very private patio area somewhat hidden from walkways & streets. So it has to be someone who knows the patio is there. It is not anyone living in the area, because it is a small building in an upscale area. None of the neighbors in our building would take anything. They have no use for 2 small tables & a chaise lounge chair cushion.The chaise cushion was taken in the middle of the daytime!!! The tables were taken… Read more »
Neil Hamersly

just use 2 camera in the teddy bear, then it's look normal?

michael madrid

pointless video... the most obvious is the least obvious...

Cripple guy

My dog shit on the floor. Nobody's going to look in that pile for a camera . 😂👍🏻

Smart Home Solver

Who was able to spot one of our hidden cameras before we showed where it was? ✋
Thanks for watching! Comment below if you have another idea for hiding a security camera.


I had a covert camera looking out over my driveway. It caught one of the neighbours putting an ANONYMOUS threatening letter through our letterbox. I did confront him about the letter some days later, he is a very angry man, plus by confronting him I probably just caused more hostility!! 🙄 Now I've installed a PROPER cctv system around the outside of my home as a visual deterrent too!


Don’t tell or show burglars where these cams are hidden this
Video will help them
If you are not using
Your baby cams they
Can help too👍🏼
Be aware your security
Cams can be stolen
And hacked.
Make sure your security
Cams have built in
Recorders and night
Vision too.
Make sure your security
Cams have sound on
Them as well...
When installing your
Cameras cover the name of your camera

First Last

Not as functional, but I watched a video of someone using USB cameras from old laptops. He had white ceilings and either used white cables or white putty to disguise it. Bit of a hack but interesting


I would be worried about the heat generated when storing a camera in a stuffed animal.


Make it oblivious outside to scare buglers. But hide them inside so the robbers do not destroy them or take them. This may sound evil but the goal of security is to make your house look harder to break in to and have less valuables then the other houses in your neighborhood.

Working Class Talking Head 1790-05-29

What about security of WiFi enables cameras you use? Can someone hack them to use your security cameras to spy on you?

Susan Appleby

Good ideas here I love the one in the bear and tissue box.

Pompom Mania

My wyze camera caught my neighbor trespassing more than once. After many complaints, I was able to go to the cops with proof. Next time she is in my yard, she gets arrested.

Alien Churro scarce

Just get a Polaroid cube, act 2, plus

peggy chezik

Looking for a camera to put in fathers room at nursing home bought a clock camera but could not connect it to their WiFi. It worked at my home and my 3 siblings could all see the camera from their home but when we took it to his nursing home did not work. Does anyone have suggestions we are at a loss he had dementia


Indoor hidden Wi-Fi cameras... You’re basically asking to guess star in Big Brother: Darkweb Edition. 😂

Don’t do it.

Radcliff Angus
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