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I have a Canon 1300D and want to do a live stream of an event for my martial arts club (the range will be approx 4-6 metres). Is this a suitable camera; and what sort of microphone do you recommend I use (clip on microphones and/or trailing wires will probably not be suitable)?

David Wieder

Thank you for this great video I was wondering what your thoughts were about using a Canon 80D for live streaming Facebook or YouTube. We will only be using one camera (desk interview) and a new MacBook Pro was wondering if you recommend the AJI hdmi or sdi . Also what do you think about camlink stick vs. AJI

Lauren Brown

I cannot grasp streaming on encoding software. I've spent 3 whole days trying to figure it out. I need halp :/

Yannick Mauget

Not only your tutos are very interesting but moreover you look beautiful which can be considered as a big "plus" 🙂 Thanks for all your work

Bill Phillips

Fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much for posting this!


This was extremely helpful, thank you so much for uploading this!

Jay Mindoro

what if the computer or laptop has its own HDMI built in?

Alao Tobi

Please does the streaming work at the same time recording to the camera's SD

Question Authority

Great video!!!!! What camera or camcorder would you recommend for filming outside and streaming to youtube while outside???? Thank you

Saif Al Hasan

Hi...i am looking from banglades...your blog very nice...

Melissa Mosek

I search for this and I found you. Very good tutorial. Thank you

Umoja TWO TV

This was awesome. I have been wrecking my brain & patience trying to get all this to work since late June. Ok, I'm a total noob, when it comes to this live streaming. The issue I have is that I wish this was done for a location, instead of home. I have the Sony FDR-AX33 camera, external audio, Elgato HD60, MSI laptop. U had the "camlink" looks much different from what I have. I guess I will have to keep looking around for tutorials. Again, nice video. I gave a thumbs up.

mr pendekar

mini hdmi to usb without cam link still work or not?

Kat Berry

What about a shotgun mic on the camera with an xlr?

Andrew McNamara

thank you for this video it is a big help...thanx

Joshua Samuel

I keep getting the cross hairs of my camera in the screen ;(

Rose Colombo

Thank you for keeping it simple and not rushing through it. You give us time to take notes —