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Sandra Bedoya

I really liked the box and the details. One thing though, lately most boxes have the ability to have the camera tilt for taller or shorter people. A setup for a printer would also be helpful to take this to an event.


its cool , but what's really like the difference between this and using the tripod?

annabel mendez

Would I need a wi-fi SD if my camera has already built in wifi I have the T6i ? And what printer do you use ?

Brandon Shealy

Great video. How did you attach the camera to the shelf using the tripod mount? Didn't show in the video.

RM 90

Hello . I want to ask you if you can make one for me and buy it from you I am from Saudi Arabia

RM 90

Very good work. Can you write all the wooden box measurements

Jean Richard

Good morning can I buy one off you I'm using an iPad mini 4


Are you using the Photo Booth App that comes with the iPad?? or what app did you use?! thanks so much!!

Mind Spirit Design LLC

In my company we have reality photobooth i like thankyou

Michael Dease

What did you used to cut out the area for the screen to show. Excluding the area that you routed out.

Patrick Samokhvalof
Great build! Definitely gonna try this. It looks like you had to compensate the size of the top and bottom portion of the box to accommodate the width of the wood, approximately how much did you deduct? I'm assuming an inch because of the ½ inch wood used but I know that the saw blade removes wood too my guess is 1/8th of an inch. I'll be removing that portion from the side pieces rather then the top so I can build the box on top of the bottom piece of wood (for added strength) , your thoughts and thanks… Read more »
Ricardo Parra

Very nice, your video inspired me to create my own photo booth instead of renting one. I tested few flashes and diffusers, and I found that a Lambency is in terms of size and light the best option I could get. Cheers!


I'm thinking of building this same set up, how or what app did you use to sync the iPad with the dslr, does the iPad show a live view? Thanks

Corey Haertel

What type of wood did you use? Please include sizes

Chroma Entertainment

Great video, this will absolutely help me out in the one I am going to build. Question though, do you use an umbrella for your monolight? Or is your monolight fine to use without any modifiers?

Eliegh Robinson

How much would it cost me for you to make one for me


Can you make me one of those boxes? I don't have all those fancy tools. If so, how much for the box? Thanks...

Kally Quezada

Is it possible to print the taken photos?


Please How much will you charge to build one?

Haseeb Imran

and what app are u using to use the remote shutter ? my shutter release doesnt wokr when dslr is connected to the table.

Haseeb Imran

1st time watcher and i love your creativity thanks for the inspiration

abu saad52

good work....... see my friend"s Homemade Focus Adjust


Angela Andrea Garcia Garcia

El programa sí ce puede instalar en iPad ???

Nelson Mendieta

Could you do a video where you include a printer as well?

Corey williams

I am I the process of building a similar photo booth and I was curious to know if you added any support for the shelf inside the box or if it is just glue and nails holding it up?

flipbooks by flipbook project jlen brightview

how do you connect to a printer?wireless?

RM 90

I bought remote but it doesn't work because the camera inside the box of the photo booth
I need to get the camera out in order to connect with the remote, so is there any solution of this problem...??


What kind of tool did you use to make the opening for the ipad?

Paul Toro

Hi there , what program did you use on your ipad, i have social booth but doesnt work on ipads / apple products.
also how do you add printer


Awesome video! Here's a great photobooth app that can even connect to your external camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon etc) — https://youtu.be/YdD1LOHSd5k

Erick Soto

What app u use on iPad? and how connect the cam with llight?

Dj Grande Danxing entertainment

How much you charge to build the one photo booth box

André Donatt

I did not see the printer, how to do what you did and also add printer to have those printed right after the session?