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Kelvin Turcios

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fawwaz fun time

I hate your business and management of your choice and buying the best way for the latest news

Aimn Alam

Eww 😷 disgusting when the iron filings turn the slime into brown and stinky

Don yuyo

The one that did the ENG subtitles didn't like the vid.

Elijah carr

fun activities to do with the kids!!!😋

Pan Cho

This is how much times he has said pretty cool huh?

Ederlyn Jill

You covered in peanut butter with the magnetic slime you silly idiot

GalaxyWarrior 3257

The rusted slime kinda looks like poop 💩


Wonder if he ever used the glass bowl ever again

No Context?

Diorite Slime: exist

iskall85 wants to know your location

patricks pointy head

I remember watching this 2 years ago w my brother and we wanted to touch slime bc we never felt if before back then

PetesHacker Official

Who made the subtitle, it is so bad


Most of the comments here have the “pretty cool,huh” phrase

Pretty cool, huh?

Dylan Is Here

Where can i buy the iron filings and a magnet?

Limey frank K

I watched your channel wen I was 3 and now I’m 7 you were my favourite YouTuber and like this comment if you read all, of this

Edit:OMG thx for all the likes

Pickle Rick

The slime looks like minecraft diorite ._.

Maky and Xue

There was a girl who eat the slime it was xue!