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Why am i watching this i was trying to replace my Ipad

branislav xxx

Flex cables should not be twisted like that, they can be easily damaged.

Thomas Wallace

Watched this, decided to take it to a shop who replaced it for £40. It took them a week because they fractured the camera lens while taking it off so had to order a replacement. Glad I didn't try it!

Music is life

بيجيلي ال error ده_0X800700C1 _ ارجوا الافادة سريعا

Heather Hollowell

Thank you! You solved the problem of my missing telephone icon at bottom of screen, and my missing app store icon when none of the other online sources I checked could.


j'ai redémarré mon s10e et le rallumant, il me demandait le schema mais en le faisant cela ne marchait pas, je ne peux ni l'éteindre, ni le redémarrer ! STP aidez moi

Distriphone Data Entry

Hello! If you feel this steps not working for your mobile phone, you can try this links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvrPqy9N8hI
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Manu sharma

Hlo plz send me your number i have a big problem.


WOW! very good improvement. It's time for Homtom to be in the fisrt tier of Chinese manufacturer!

Nishan Chaminda

යාලුවනේ මගේ channel එකත් subscribe කරගෙනම යන් 🌹 බුදු සරනයි, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNHirHiIE6w&t=196s@ මෙන්න මේක තමයි පට්ටම රහස හරි

Michal Holeček

Disgusting nails bruh... cut it off...


Please tell me you've trimmed your nails by now...