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guru kiran

dear sir i have one problem in qatar dahua dvr not working in 4g router can u tel me why

Лосяшь играет

Hello please tell me where to save footage footage? Thank you so much.

JR Sanchez

Mine just says disk error and doesn't stop beeping now

Sydney Rossa

Dear Sir Why does one of my Duhua CCTV camera show black screen in Grid View but Works normally in Full Screen

Muhammad nasir

Dear sir i am using dahua dvr i want send the picture on email when motion detect i could email alert on my email but unable to seen motion picture on email please help me thx

شهاب يوسف

can i make nvr 4chanel more than 4 and how

شهاب يوسف

هل يمكن جعل nvrاربع كاميرات اكثر باستخدام موزع

Thiệu Quốc

Tìm đại lý phân phối Camera AFIRI.Với chính sách ưu đãi và chiết khấu cao.click vào Web https://goo.gl/H1iWT1

Hobbes Tiger

Thanks a bunch for this! Big help.
One question though: at 2:50 I also have the option of "intel" besides "regular", "MD" and "alarm". What does "intel" mean?

Александр Кравченко

Regular + MD?) nice