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Aaliyah Hunt

0:10 it's what i call my
baby boy 1 year old cousin


Today in college I felt bad because I could not use microscope properly...but thnx for helping me😊

Artimes X

Can you look at stuff as small as bacteria with this microscope?

luna paris

who else is watching this rn in mr.vs class

Thomas Lau

How much U said? Did I hear $100 a piece? The cheapest model I guest is US$1000 which look like the one that U are using here.

Umm Naila

Thanks! This helped a lot,I finally figured out how to use my microscope

Umm Naila

I loved the beginning of it. I was laughing like a madman.

Alize XD

This is one of these videos that my science teacher makes me watch

River Lange

This idiot almost made me fall asleep. No joke.


thanks for the video before I thought you just go to place something on the stage and look in the tube