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Hugh Sommer

Thx for the video. I have used WAZE for two years. Ur video is very helpful.

Captain Skippy

Good video. I’ve been using WAZE just to look for wrecks. Didn’t know it had all that capability.

Dorian Aronson

I am 80 years old! Please give instructions more slowly. I will have to watch this over and over again to understand!

Freida Walker

Great tips. I learned features in WAZE and how to navigate around. Tellls you how to stop a destination, or clear when you complete your trip.

Blocked User

I ditched Waze a while back. Had background refresh off , gps while using and notifications were popping up at 3am while I was at home with the app off... After about the 3rd time I got woke at 3 am to be notified some person named Jessica was reporting a speed trap 6 miles away I had to let it go... xD wow what a coincidence your name is Jessica too xD

Jedna Budala

Im planning trip to other countries for first time, so I camnot use network data. Is network data needed for work?
I know I will not have on road information but I only need direction so i dont get lost on autobahn lol

420 420

Waze makes my iPhone extremely hot. It’s tough to use it for long drives. Also I wish the carpool thing would go away. Thank you for posting this tho.

Dean Chen
Waze is a great addition to Google but not so the other way round...google map still is far more superior in terms of features... i.e how impossibly difficult or your overpaid imagination does it take to realized the importance and usefulness of an option displaying all our favorite places at one glance on the map like that in google map?..so now most will need to jungle in and out of two different map apps and let the pedestrians fend for themselves...and nO unlike most of your silicon minimum wages my corolla do not have autopilot like most of your coalpowered… Read more »

I am not familiar with Waze but found your overview excellent. Can it be used on a tablet with no phone connection? Does it need a phone connection, using up data time? I currently use a Tom Tom GPS and would try Waze if it did not deplete my air time.

John Goodwin

Thank You for the informative video. Are you able to share how to save a driving map, if the place you're going to has no cell service?
Thank You

Randy G

Wow, I watched the whole vid for one important tip, she didn't mention it...Notifications!
How do you mark spots like cops, I tap the icon, nothing happens??

Miguel Carvalho

Can I go without destination and at the end of my ride do Waze store my route and statistics?