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Joaquin Merlos

im in el salvador central america and it does work...

timothy sean teves

does it includes philippine channels?

Ronty's Kitchen

Wow ...great video 👌
This is new subcriber

Cristae Jones

Thank you i erased it from my old phone and forgot how i loaded it

James Anderson

Well that didn't take long to get DENIED, when I click the link, the site looks alot different than what he's showing and there isn't any USTV option at the top...so now what?

Emilie Eshelman

This was awesome... Thank you! Now my boyfriend isn't storming around the house because he can't watch the game!!!

dan allen

This app was made by some people in Ohio so us solders stationed overseas can watch American tv so it works anywhere you have a internet connection

Nancy W

Thank you! It does work , so far no problems.

it's AZee

set your playback speed at 1.25X and thanks me later 😂


Can I download it on iPhone 6 plus? Is it safe when it comes to viruses?

Morris W

thanks I don't pay for cable I got a samsung smart tv and I use this and Pluto tv and I watch TV for free and I use show box to watch movies free so I don't pay for cable I saved money watching Pluto tv,,show box and this

Purna Bdr Gurung

It is better to watch in LiveNetTv it has 800+ TV channels free.

Brilee's life

Oh think you think you think you I have it wash TV since 2016


It works. Thanks and its not janky or buffering.


I love u, I haven't have TV in years because I'm broke but now I do 2019 yall

Miss Heird

I am getting premium channels such as HBO, CINEMAX EAST & SHOWTIME! Thank you 👍💖👍💖


Damn I remember watching this in 2013 as a kid I'm a legal adult know and it still works

Ukpeweru Destiny

How can i appreciate what u just did for me? I love it


Thanks for the hook up you a cool dude

Hassan Hanin

Very interesting video about How To Get Free Spotify Premium thanks

Izuku_ Mydoria

Thx for sharing!!! it still works in 2019

Dragon Slayer 666

Just tried this in Australia and it works .


It works, but there are SO MUCH ADS. I'm being honest, a porn ad came up and I clicked X right away.