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Shyakax Deus

ThanK you Lord who created man in such a complicated way!!

Krish Reddy

Didn’t explain about kidney function 🙂

Sandra Negrete

Nice Video but you forgot Epiglottis...


Did anyone else get this recommended to them while eating?

Rika Shinozaki

This made me realize that I'm eating too much lol


سبحان الخالق العظيم💙

Janie98 Janie99

Digestive process completed in 30-40 hours.
That means fasting from time to time is very beneficial

Save food for the poor

Jared Eglinski

No mention of the essential bacteria aiding you throughout the process.

The Random Doritos!

So when i weigh myself at night I am 2 kilograms heavier?

Amritpal singh

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Alberto Gonzales Z.

Another wonder of God's creation.

•Lizzayy DailyDreams•

Who else is Watching this at school?