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we want table to weld a metal in top floor metal crack 🙄

Thomas Milner

What is the brand and where would you buy one? Why would't we replace welding helmets with a helmet that has a display and a camera?

Michael Demetriou

what about his skin it may burn I would wear my hood and arms

maibe an idea to just tape a cheap hd smartphone to the inside of a weldinghelmet and link it to the cam , that way youre protected from the uv light and have less of a chance of ruining expensive hard to replace (in the field) gadgets i have worked for companies selling the monitor glasses for the gaming and drone comunity and a lot got returned over time because the closeness of the picture stresses the eyes (they need to focus realy close by ) and cause headackes and general uncomfortableness (seasickness because the movement of the head doesnt… Read more »
Arcs & Sparks Welding

welding with that has to be weird

Richard Harms

Nice Camera set up. I only have a stick welder, priceless to be able to see the puddle and watch it fill both sides.

p penca

wow it opens many doors to welding (remote welding, remote education?) i hope in the future this technology replaces autodarkening lenses. thanks for sharing wyatt. cheers. pete

Art Humphrey

Really nice
but like you said a bit $$$$$


Mirror is still better, in my opinion. First u can use magnet and put mirror as you want in any conditions. Second if you use mirror, only in conditions where there is really little space. I cant imagine myself figthing with this camera and binoculars. Its unpractical.

Adrian Higgins

Weld flash burn on face with no helmet?