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Afra The Fox Girl

Surprised about the lack of hate comments 4 Muslims. That's good, b/c not all of us r that bad... Like if u agree

Botha Lissom

yes we do learn about islam. we are eager to understand why it constantly threatens all human civilisation. it's mostly the cult of mohammed and riddled with serious contradictions. it's full of jew hatred and racial supremacy.

Amos Teo

Scrolling thru the comments n these pretentious twats r a joke, treading so carefully n sugarcoating words not to offend one another, but when something small triggers they're ready to shed some blood. Origins of terrorism

edd smokalot

So in short...all that war of expansion and colonization to the west, from baghdad to spain by the arabs after the prophet died...

was not islamic sanctioned war...but them arabs own ambition war...

As to the east...islam was spread peacefully without war. As mostly it was carried out by non arabs.

Mellya Putri Adz-Dzakiyyah

Even the symbol that you use to representing Islam is not Moon and star . However, you use the word سلم and indeed this symbol is the the right one beside the symbol of Syahadah. I respect that


KKK, mass murder in Las Vegas, New Zealand, killing 50 muslims on Friday in the mosque, and the list goes on are Christians. Does that mean Christianity is a religion of terrorist? There bad actors in every religion. So let us separate individual actions from the religion they belong.

Finn Diepers

Isn't Indonesia the greatest islamic country today?

Lmao wow, that wasn't biased at all. I feel genuinely sorry for the people who see this and develop an interest in Islam. Being a Muslim is more than just reading the charity lines in the Quran. If you focus only on the Quran, you are a Quranist, not a Muslim, and in many places such beliefs are a form of heresy that warrants persecution. You certainly won't win any brownie points with Islamic scholars such as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. That Quran quote at 3:05 was a real nice touch. Too bad that verse was referring to Muslims. What does… Read more »
Cheryl Golinski

My favourite combination, easy to understand content AND he's cute 🤭😉 Really enjoyed this video!

Random Person

As a Muslim...I warn you to not read the comments.It's full of racists.Also Abu Bakar or Abdullah death caused by assassinate.Yes but he's getting assassinate while he's salat or solat.

Ekin Ilgın Gök

westboro baptist church and everyone else omg THIS WAS HILARIOUS

AKA dalyalo

I respect that you didn't disable comments.

isabelle ashton

i respect all religions and i think everyone should also. I think that islamics having no images/painting of allah and muhammed is very respectful. I am glad that this video was respectful towards their beliefs. I am a little bothered by how disrespectful the video about christianity was. I had john green using his mouth in place of god and it was trying to make light of the religion and show it in a very inappropriate way. i love crash course and this video but i wish that all the videos were respectful like this one was.

Ahmad Nasriya

Correction: (in 7:57) Abu Bakr is not the Prophet' father in law, he was his close friend, in Arabic (صاحب), as mentioned in so many places in Quran as well as the Hadith

jordan aamodt

To bad they don’t care for non Muslims like that
To bad you failed to mention Islam is on the verge of poisoning the earth
Not like the golden age but more like this new age Jew hating , Christian killing talking all rights away from women kind of world 🤷‍♂️

j a

I was looking forward to knowing more of the “golden age of Islam” 🙁

Yousef M

Uhm, ... Islam originated in Petra. As evidence shows. Which makes this video wrong on many facts.

Ryan Urmom
It literally advocates to fight the nonbelievers and kill apostates smh. And Mohammed consumated his marriage with a nine year old. I saw a good video that said it all about Islam being a “Religion of Peace.” He said Islamic Extremists are people like Bin Laden who are following their religion by the book and bombing Christians. He compared it to Jainism which is actually a religion of peace where extremists sweep the ground bc they dont want to step on any ants. Also my last problem with Islam is just the fact that everything is read and done in… Read more »

The fact is Christianity has been spread by the sword and none of the other religion has been spread by the sword ever.

محمد امین شکری

What do you think of the Prophet of Islam?

Nora C

The symbol is actually a moon crescent with a star

Bill Anywhere

Oh... but he didn't talk about what happened post 1150AD... that's when Islam reshaped... 800AD-1150AD was the golden age of Islam... pre and post that... mostly massacre...not judging, just stating a fact...

Alvin Afian

The reason islam is always winning a war because they always pray to God

Your songs ❤

You forgot to mention how Islam treats Jews, independent women, LGBT and those who refuse and critical of Islam.

Your songs ❤

Why will you rather appease than telling the truth?
Islam, if it is such peaceful, why do we have Al Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Khomeinism and all the totalitarian regimes in Islamic countries? You are just cherry picking the most shiny parts and forget the slaughters and forced conversions.
Islam is very political and aggressive. It views the world as "We VS They", not a multi-cultural thing like you are trying to promote here. Better focus on respect on Humans and be critical to ideologies.


what the frick this is so stuoipt i h8 leeerning tiem😤😤😡😡😡🤬🤮😒😠🖕👎

XxsalahxX- salah

Every infidel is prepared if he does not repent to God, he will suffer severe torment on the day of Resurrection.


This comment section is surprisingly friendly

Radi Yahya

As a Muslim this comment section is kinda heart warming, there is no bad word on it

Maya Sultana

As a Muslim, I approve! Well articulated Mr. Green!

eman kocher

Islam is such a beautiful religion. It is so rich is history. So proud of being Muslim.

Abdalla Babikir

In your back is beautiful Arabic calligraphy saying "in the name of God, the most merciful most gracious"
Awesome video

George Beach

I'm taking U.S. History and World History, and the very first thing I saw when watching this is how much longer his hair compared to U.S. History...these are things I notice...

Kenneth Akin

Five pillars stand for the five points of a star which is a misrepresentation of a star which is a ball of gas on fire and all religion is pagan and based off lack of intelligence.

SangMin Song

crash course is not biased. I love it. Keep up the good work Jon Green. You are soooo great.

XxsalahxX- salah

God curse the Jews because of the destruction of the world

XxsalahxX- salah

True Islam is not in the malignant Saudi who sold their Islam but the real Muslims are few and there are some in Gaza 🇵🇸 I am Moroccan

XxsalahxX- salah

I invite you to Islam is the religion of right Repentance to God you will regret if you do not pray to Allah Almighty for this I advise you to go to the mosque until you learn الاسلام😉