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Dinesh Sharma


Sarmad Prince

Thanks for making this video now I can learn what kind of part is that

Senses Electronics

Pls can I get your what'sapp line so I can send you a videos thanks


Hi great video... I have a philllips 49inch 4k tv ( 49put49000/12) that has been barely used and just didn't turn on one day, is there likely to be a replaceable fuse inside as ive checked all the external fuses cables and outlet supply


Great Video! all of a sudden my JVC JLC42BC3002 made a screech and had vertical lines on parts of the screen and shut off. I can reset and get red light to come back but nothing else. Any known issues with this? Thank you

Jon Bush

Hi guys. I have a JVC 50" LT-50C550 serial number 1520004496.
The problem I have is the tv won't turn on. Starting in stand by mode, if I push the button to power it up I see the backlights briefly come on and then it loses all power. I have to unplug the tv again to get it to return to stand by mode again.

Ed Vollmer

samsung model un39fh5000fxza back lights new and working main power board new T con new audio board new Turns on med dark blue screen no picture has sound everything new still doesn't work help

Michael brokenarrowtvrepair

Always great videos, very informative!


I have three old TVs. They're from the late 80's to early 90's. One has a bad picture as far as color. Another shows a flat,squeezed looking picture. The third TV's power doesn't work. It may need a fuse. Anyway, I'm considering throwing them away instead of getting them fixed. My question is do any of these old TVs have any parts inside them that would sell on ebay?

Brandon Kaitlyn

Hey I have a Samsung pn60f5500afxza and it's just blinks 6 times

Saila Patole

I have sony bravia bx300,, it screen it filling with cloudy patch... How can I fix it

George A

First, wishing to a Happy New Year 2019. Second, I bought a Toshiba Regza 55" on 2006 as a Christmas gift to my parents. They're Not used it. Recently, they tried to turn it on, but there was No Picture and No Sound at all; however, the TV's power supply was working fine and flashing it. Please let me know what I have to do? Thank You.

George Segubaan

I have a samsung UN60F6300AF has power, but no picture.

nazia batool

My Name is Shah and I have 55 inches LG LED Smart TV, its Model # 55LH5750 and serial # 603RMTT1Q817, the problem is cracked screen, though we can see picture on both left and right side with sound as well, the problem area is middle where screen got cracked with multi color lines, Please let me know if you can fix it my e mail ID is zulalfalah@gmail.com- Thanks and waiting your reply

nazia batool

My Name is Shah and I have 55 inches LG LED Smart TV, its Model # 55LH5750 and serial # 603RMTT1Q817, the problem is cracked screen, though we can see picture on both left and right side with sound as well, the problem area is middle where screen got cracked with multi color lines, Please let me know if you can fix it my e mail ID is zulalfalah@gmail.com- Thanks and waiting your reply

Henry Hardy

When I turn on my tv it has a high pitch buzzing noise with a yellowish green screen. It turns itself off and back on again with the same high pitch buzzing and yellowish green screen with fuzzy images . Samsung model number PN50A510P3F. Is it the BN96-09744A (LJ92-01611A) Y-Main Board?

Ronnie Fairfax

I have a Sanyo DP46840, it powers on for just a few seconds and then off again. I've looked over the main board and can't seem to find any issues but everything I read online points towards it being the problem. Should I purchase a new main board?

Ronnie Fairfax

I have Polaroid TLX-04244B that doesn't power on at all, I get absolutely nothing, is the power board? I've looked over all the board several times and see nothing out of the ordinary.

Ronnie Fairfax

Ok so I have Sanyo DP42740 that turns on and then off after a few seconds, I thought it was the power board so I purchased a new one and installed it. It still has the same issue as before, should I purchase a new main broad to solve my problem?

Chente 831

I have a Samsung model number un60es7500fxza. I have no picture no sound but you can see the light flicker on when you're working the remote but nothing else comes on. What are you guys suggest I do from you guys experience what do you believe the problem is and what part do you guys think I should change first?

Safeer Fazil

my tv sony bravia KDL32CX520 turns on ok displays picture and eveything fine but after a few minutes the picture goes hazy and doubles a bit too everything again works ok for few minutes after the tv has been plugged out and left for few minutes and then turned on again

Nap Leon

Hello, I have a Sony BX 35 LCD TV when I swithce on color is normal then it changes to poorer resolution and color. Hope ypu can help.

William Obney

I have an LG 55LS4500 SS#208rmqk80140. I have a problem with lines going thru the picture horizontally and they jumb around and kind of makes the picture blurry. According to repair the t com board might cause this but on your order screen for parts reads that it is probably the screen. How can I check to make sure that it is the t-com board? If possible I can sent you a picture of what the screen looks like.

Herm II
Was having solar installed at home and therefore a new converted was needed to be installed. With that said, all I did was to unplug all electronics, also why this TV was off, from the outlets so as not to have any power surge from the conversion when power was turned off then turned back on. Upon power being turned back on an upon plugging TV back in TV would not turn on again; and the outlet is fine. So makes no sense that just unplugging the TV, again while TV was turned off, from the outlet should keep the… Read more »
Ann Proulx

Hi guys I need help with my tv!!! Jvc 50” LT-50E350
Power turns on screen is black no audio!!! No backlight!!! I think it’s the main board!!! Please help


I have an LCD tv LG 32LD450 that is making a buzzing sound after being turned on then it goes black and the tv shots of like if it had a short somewhere. you can see the buzzing sound coming from a light source on the bottom of the tv.
What could be the problem and how can I repair it?
thank you.

South Bridge

Hi... THanks for your efforts and help
I have a Groundig G32-LCH-0B TV
Thanks in advance for your help


Hey Jimmy. I gave a hisense 40 inch tv, no picture. Red lights on when plugged in. Turn on, red light flashes and goes out. Any ideas?

The Hunter

Good day/night , I have a problem with my Tv, it turns on fine but after a while the screen turns off but it displays audio fine. I lowered the brightness and that made it last for a few months then it did its thing. What might be the problem ? thank you in advance
Samsung LE40R76B Version SP01

Kostina Trnava

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about
electronic repair barrie
try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.


great video! i have a samsung ue55 ju6740 uxxu given to me by a mate who said it busted after power shortage in his flat. i opened the back up and found now damage however after using a voltage detector pen found that the fuse was broken on the power supply board. replaced the fuse and power is now detected all over the tv boards however still no signs of life. would you be able to advise?


Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes, we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments section. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech support, please visit FixYa.com or contact your local TV repair shop. Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

Paul Louis

how can I fix deep scratches on my lg smart tv screen, can I buy and replace the up skin? Paul



Above is the Details of my TV
I couldn't see 1/3 of the screen. The rest is clear but thin vertical lines can be visible too. Please advise.



Hey bro I have a Samsung un55ks8000fxza that shows vertical lines in the center of the screen is it the main board


Hey Jimmy!
We found a RCA LCD TV in the trash. When we turned it on it only the top backlight lit, but we could see the picture very faintly at the bottom. It also had audio. We were hoping for advice as to how to repair the bottom backlight.
Model Number

Please get back to me and let me know!
Thanks so much!

KOOL-DEEP Official

Samsung LCD Model:LA32D403E2
Only show few part of display

Rick T

Just bought an LG model 50UK6090PUA 2months ago, now with a crack screen no picture, has backlight and sound. Do you have an idea how much is the LED panel if im planning to replace it or would it be more expensive and better off to just buy a new one. Or if i was selling the whole tv for combine parts like power supply/mainboard/ T-conn/ wireless wifi adapter, how much should i sell for online?

Teresa Dixon

It's making a loud noise sounds like a fan hitting against something when the ribbon holder is how do I take it apart to get to the ribbon holder? Insignia TV 37 inches Model# 37HA37 Thank you

Teresa Dixon

My Insignia Tv model 37HA37 in left top corner behind tv screen I think ribbon holder make like can sound and light flashing behind it. How do we get to it?

Edward Mcguire

Samsung 5 yrs Model:un65eh6999f. Type:un66eh6000. Screen is black with quick white strobe flashing. It has audio

يوشيتوني Benitez

Bro I have kmc TV. Standby ligth only but not turn on or any sound