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rollo tomasi

He expected Tedx would give him some clothes and boots but dissapointed coz they didn't.

Stephan Tsikirayi

great work there ,thanks for motivational speech @TED


People has a choice at least. Became yourself, love yourself. Everybody have a reason to do what and why.

Ankit Mishra

Every farmer is a magician who has power to convert a seed into food.

Summer Wertz

“It’s difficult to learn in academia because it’s so boring” ain’t that the truth


Even though Jon is not fluent in English, his ideology was powerful enough to attract 8 million views.


this is my life, but in a city. It is possible in everywhere

Sandra Lindqvist

Wow. Simplify . Beautify . Take the time❤️✨

Jay Jay

so the question now is either how can we change capitalism and the system or how can we escape capitalismn and the system to live the normal way

Akash A Nair

Don't work hard,do smart work like him,and make life easy and better🤗😍


If you think life should be easy- you are right.
If you think life should be difficult — you are right.


This is easy to understand :
poor = happy
rich = sad


This way of life is more about the future than some idealized past. Let the robots come. Let AI take over. Let condo prices in San Francisco or Honolulu skyrocket. Unless you are a key player in society's better future...take the speaker's advice and live your own life.

P Products

I think this guy is kinda lazy though, he said that people in the city work hard and they become depressed but let's think on the other side. If he lives like that, in the last 5 years of his life, he won't afford to take care for his health because he doesn't have enough money. The main reason causing people in the city get stressed is not because of work but because they don't have opportunity to socialize with each other.

mario tsourou

So how did he get the land to build the house ?

Wittaya Singsanan



Thank you so much for your wise words 🙏

Truths word

I’d rather be content than constantly happy

Chulaporn Sota

Good idea...life is simply and make it easy...but now we are running to ...various goals more than. Life’s need...

Eleth Global

One of my best Ted talk so far. Keep it Simple sxxxxx!

Percy Sherrod

He is a simple man...he will always be happy...

ReCycle Spinning

Life is easy and fun. I got to take his quote and say it everyday!!!. Life is easy and fun!!!
I think he is very talented maybe that why easy. ...however I must say he has a good attitude...

Thắng Tịnh

Everyone can listen Ven. San Sochea Page

MIX Vdos

Every word this person said has deep meanings behind them.

Lulu Lulu

But he has a choice, he has the land. What if people don't have a choice? I think it's easier said than done.

Paul Iwunze

Wisdom for a whole lifetime, and still spilling over...

Canadian MGTOW

3000 people with mortages downvoted this.

Canadian MGTOW

This guy would freak out in a place in like California (or Canada) where there are regulations galore. Heck, in some cities there are bylaws against collecting rainwater. Not to mention that today's governments want you to rely on THEM, instead of yourself. Everyone is a 'victim' and 'helpless' in today's leftist ideology.

Panida Eakamornpanya

The best Ted talks, for you who own the land from your growth but I don't have my own land so that's the reason of hard working and then we can own the land to build my dream as you did.