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you are hot on the left and cool on the right!!!

Nat E

Under downloads it only says "camera settings" not "Logitech webcam software" like you have shown. Do you know what is happening? I am trying to download the software and went to your link but it isn't under downloads.

Gabriel Angelo

2:17 phew i thought this was the logitech cam

Btw darling you look perfect tonight

zN Whalrus

great video, i just have one question. can you use it on twitch on xbox?


Hi, I'm having a problem with installing my webcam. So I downloaded the correct software for my OS and now the camera settings is on my desktop. My problem is that I can't seem to get to the welcome page at 2:44. Please help! Thanks!


It doesn't give me an option to download just the drivers. Everytime I download the software, it gives me a very basic panel that I cant do much with

Tracey Gorrell

Wish this thing worked on Windows 10!! Had it lest then a month, went ahead and took the plunge on Windows 10 from 7 and it worked on 7 with lws231 and it wont work with 2.80 what it says to use for 10, says incompatible 🙁

Jemar Valencia

Shit webcam. Black screen and ive done everthing sitll not working

Lucious Fortnite & Games

Thank you so much good vidio


this is good but when i install it just downloads the settings do u know why

CuteBunnyPlaysRoblox :3

i dident get the menu like you did :c it just IMEADLY get to the camera but i cant get it to record...

Feranil Family

Hi! I am in need of help. There is no software download button showing whenever I click the downloads in the logitech page. Is there anyway I can download the software? Can someone send it to me via e-mail? Please help thanks.

Stacey Wieder

Thank you for your review. Very informative. I need a fast solution for a college course. Your review helps me understand what I need and relevant features.

James Sidney Baguio

Great thing you showed the video comparison. Very helpful, exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

Andy Garrett

Pop the face plate off, unscrew, remove the glue dot holding the lens focus in place... and hello manual focus. It's a decent super cheap camera... but don't expect colors to be great.

Danny Boy


King Ozon

I think alot of there software is what improves the video quality on this webcam and makes it look alot better even though it's a cheap 720p cam. At least from what I read that is the case

Janice in Holyland

Thank you for sharing i can connect now webcam to laptop

Yo! Is that Juicebox supreme?

whenever you download the Logitech Camera Settings, does it come with the drivers, bc that's all I got, not to mention the moment it finishes, It isn't reading the webcam, do I have to restart my pc once installer finishes?

Cheri Burns

I went to the logitech website and tried to get to webcam downloads but it says "oops, we can't seem to find the page you are looking for". Why am I not able to get to the same webpage for downloads as you show?


I didn’t get it asking me what language, or what to download. I think my c525 may be a very old one, so it looks like I may have to take the bloody thing back.

You know what mate, I am getting absolutely pissed of with this C525 that I have just bought. I have studied at least five different instruction videos and now on yours. I do not get exactly the same as you or any of the other authors. What I get does not have any keys for snap a photo, make a video, or get any sound. All I get is a screen with my face, and click advanced and all I get is colour correction, brightness etc, but absolutely piss all about how to use the bastard thing. I want to… Read more »
Esther Barneveld

THanks so much. Excellent work and nice and quick 🙂 Cheers from Australia looking at ordering one for my mum in The Netherlands 🙂 She's 82 so I need something quick and simple. Thank you!


I am about to buy one but where i live i saw the same but on a smaller mix of blue green colored box is it the same? Should i buy it?

Tara Smith

How do you get it to work with Windows 10? I cannot get it to work.

The Black Hole from Interstellar


Erie Lackawanna Railroad

Camera is a piece of garbage, I did NOT get the video setting with it it did NOT come with them in the download, you can NOT adjust the video, open the camera take photos or make a video, None of that exists, all you can do is open it on a site like Camfrog and view it in chat rooms, the c615 is no better, that camra is also garbage.