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Manuel Faysse

I'd add approximate gas consumption combining the data from the rpm, motor load, speed, and past mileage history. You could also collect your driving data every 5 seconds or so, export it after each day and use it to do big data analysis (useful graphs, data on best hours to go to particular places based on gas consumption, driver recognition/mood estimation based on driving style with machine learning classification,...)

Rob Townsend

Cool project. For me I would be fuel curves and power output levels. You have done a lot of work here.

Kaloian Georgiev

If you start loving JavaScript, you can give NodeRed a try. It has a very good dashboard and can call Python code if needed

Mark Routledge

How about engine temp as a bar graph / chart along the bottom?

Brian Piper

I think displaying check engine codes would be cool!

Nicholas Meisner

Can you make each gauge have a needle animation, and also tie into the other sensors like engine temp, battery voltage, oil pressure...ect. Pretty much all the info your odb puts out. Make info your current gauges are give or specifics of the ones you have.

Flame Soulis

Wait... Python... Qt... oh my lord... how far has this gone?

David Baran

For next project, combine camera and OBD... normally you will have screen with gauges, but when you shift to reverse, the camera will turn on and screen change to video of rear cam... allso you can add some features like radio, more gauges, door open screen (if OBD have it) and so on, there is a lot of things you can add 🙂
btw. great video 😉


I would also add fuel level and engine temp?


I'm looking at doing the same thing but I'm exploring using a FPGA to give me the extra features I need as my car has steering wheel controls etc.

Cian Quigley

Add a visual representation of your gas tank

Mr Yousif

This is way too hard. Where can I pay something that does the same thing?

Mikey Likes IT

I would have the basics, Speed, Temp, Volts, if you wanted you could add a RPM gauge, and even more for diagnostics, or even make it so that when an event happens like oil pressure drops you can get a red light that the text "OIL" on it. you are off to a good start though

redfill production

i would make the background black with blue outline and text


i would like to see the data transmitted to an app on a phone, connected by usb/lightning port (more secure i think) or through bluetooth. i think that would be awesome

Niklas Wagner

fuel economy!! that would be neat calculated from like speed and load or something


this is super cool and i want to do it but im terrible with pi's. i would make gauges of sorts and have them fill up based upon the load/speed/rpm. what other data could you display on this setup?


Why not use a webserver, run a browser in kiosk mode and push the data to a page, you'll have more flexibility in css.

piyush kumar

Sir, actually I wanna know how to put all these data to the web in real time.

Stefan Stroie

I would add to that real time fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and how many km you can run until you need a refill.

Jason Johnson

please help. I get the circles on the screen... in SCREEN i also get replied commands... but once I try to put text to pygame using your script i get
connection.watch (obd.commands.SPEED, callback=get_speed)
NameError: name 'connection' is not defined

If I could get past this part it probably would be all clear... heeeelp! And thank you for your awesome videos!

rakesh ramanukolanu

how can i use Cobra WIFI OBD2 and do the same


Although I think I come late to the party, I think I still can add my two cents. Maybe you could also show the fuel consumption together with a price of one trip... You'd have some button which would reset the counter and some input which would allow you to enter the price per gallon. That would be pretty cool I think! 😉

Zeeshan Patel

Can we detect the brake pad thickness and harsh braking events ?


Just for fun I wanted to try this out, however, even after entering 'pip3 install obd' (since I'm running python 3.5.3 on my pi) and rebooting my Raspberry Pi 3 numerous times, when I try to run your finalized code for the HUD, only a black screen is displayed.

what could be wrong?

Trevor Holdren

you can only add the things your ECU can read


if i was as smart as you are, i would make a coat with all of this inside of it so that it would scan everything going on with my body, aka heart beat, heat, hydration. maybe hook up a camera to a pair of glasses via bluethoot on my shoulder with a rasbery py on my wrist.

Valentin LAMBERT

Maybe you can use red-node and red-node-dashboard to make your interface

Diver, Sky

Sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads 🙂
Very cool project.

Joschka Auer

This question is completely unrelated to this video, but it didn't seem as though you were responding to ones on the original video. About 4 years ago you made a raspberry pi cluster copmuter — can you run programs with GUIs using the cluster, or only python/C++ files?


Hmmm. I think it would be fairly easy to change you speedometer to nice heads up display with some high brightness vdf display. Though I think there's already plenty of aftermarket displays available.


i can you make a Tutorial on how to build a readout for issues of the car this would be really useful !!!
great Video man learned a lot !

Andrius Kamarauskas

Ok that's it, im buying Raspberry Pi !

Tyler Baldauff

For load (I’d assume that’s throttle position?) I would have it as a bar like in the new civic SI. I wouldn’t have the speed but instead a boost gauge (although I don’t think your corolla has much boost 😁.). And definitely an alert window that would notify you of an engine code. Maybe another window for lateral Gs and/or. A 0-60 timer. Anyway could this setup be used for changing some properties of the car??