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Marija i Iva D.R.

Every audiophile would shit all over samsung s10,Lg was always the king of audio.


Hey, those akg sound exactly the same as my 9.99€ sony in ear...


Poweramp is kool but the best sound comes from Neutron


isn t it great to live in 2019 ? holy shit !


i clicked on the video only to see if u can adjust something in Sounds Assistant Equalizer in order to add a bit more base because i had this option in a much simple way on an J3 2016 where u can simply put more accent on base or voice or mix them. Since then, i had an Galaxy A8 and A50 but this option seems to be gone.


Why is my phone telling me that bxActions is retrieving data from me such as apps I interact with, text I write on my phone and even credit card numbers and passwords? While the app says it's not doing that, yet it requires these permissions nonetheless.


I think the sound assistant tip was good. Thanks

Rookie Gamer

i bought the s10e with exynos because this one has a cirrus logic audio chip and sound is amazing crisp and loud, you must use a nice pair of headphone because the akg that comes in box are not so good, and be sure you using poweramp app because this make louder the 3.5mm jack so be sure you using that app for music.

Sayantan Talukdar

What about a 3.5mm to usb type c dac

narong molyvan

Wow how your video is so clear and bright high resolution and also the audio detail and clear.

Haim Peretz

This kind of earphones (iem) are good for regular music listening?

lost tv

How to set that double tap on home and directly goes to galaxy store 8:26

Almuhannad Almagwishi

Or just buy a good headphone like bose , audio technica , sony etc

Ethan Betancourt

Can you do a similar video for the Pixel 3a since that also has a headphone jack?

Wicked Wight

Awesome video, helped show me how to turn my S10e into a media player without having to touch iTunes — not only that but how to optimize it also. I love this phone.

Randy Hartono

The Best idea I've ever seen... Grateful...


My s10 plus turns the sound down on it's own. Any idea on how I can keep it from doing this?

Harambe Matata

A top Phones "that are good for audio/music listening " video

The Don

Check out the g7 and or g8. When you activate the quad HiFi dac, the max volume is 75 but it's in 1 step increments.

Avin Chavhan

If you check the description you'll realize he is an affiliate.
Dont trust this video