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Jack Warren

just connect the micro striaght to the phone. why add another step to this

Krishna Kumar

Hi sir hme agar tv ko mobile se chalana hai to kya krna hoga aur kon sa snan ki harurt hoga


I currently have galaxy j7 perx and I'm having connection issues

Sheri Jones

I have a TCL roku tv
and a ZTE Max pro phone. I bought the usb-c to HDMI adapter. Do how do I get it to work on my TV to watch movies from my pH? Plz plz help.


MHL cord does not fucking work unless you have a high priced phone!

Izaiha Harrison

Could use it with out ur tv use ur phone screen to play video games

wolakking TM

I have an HTC 1+ will it work with this product

nemjay yeon

My USB to HDMI Adapter is not working...I have Huawei GR5 Mobile Phone...Can anyone help me?

Nivz Rocker

The 11-pin converter does not enter my phone
It is a samsung grand prime
How can I fix this please?
My MHL Adapter is not working
Do I need to purchase an HDMI converter as well?

Matthias Wunderlich

Is there a way to only display parts of your mobile display to your screen?

Zambala Ganesh

I have zte blade z max my HDMI is not working even I plug in to my Roku TV . I want to ised my phone date plan to TV . help

rodrigo lopez

What if my cellphone does not support mhl? Or not a smartphone

Jose Carbajal

Thanks for the video, I was missing the 5 pin to 11 pin adapter.

Andrew Michna

Ok I have a Motorola E6 and I'm trying to connect to the HDMI port on my TV however I have the right cord that connects directly it's not working please help me! What am I doing wrong?

Jessica Boston

How do u make it work after u plug everything up

daniel maldonado

Ihave a j7 and mhl cable and cant see whit my j7 everything fit

Bruce Cabjuan

What channel does the tv have to be on?
I have Samsung Galaxy Tab4 And A Samsung Galaxy note8

kamaizuhairi ery

I just buy MHL.When i connect my phone asus zenfone 6 to samsung tv, nothing show.Just show no signal.i follow step by step but very sad.

whit robinson

Within the first minute, you gave me the answer I had been searching for! Thank you!

Brian C

will the active cable or adapter still work if my phone is not MHL?

Pretty Curious

Will the Active MHL adapter works with phone that is not MHL supported ??or is there any way that the phone would become MHL supported? Thanks...

Erik Nelson

Your a dumbass... You didn't even show how to do it


I have an android smart phone, how many pins is that?

injustice in Ontario

I have an LG K4 phone and I bought the red cable that is in your video. But the usb plug on the red cable does not plug into my phone. Will the adapter you use in the video work on my LG K4 phone.