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Aniket Mayekar

Moto one can't show time lap and slow Mo plz

Yogesh Mistry

Can you also share original photos in a drive (Google Drive) link? It would be very helpful.
By the way, good video. Are you MVP? That's amazing!

Professional A

Sir please tell me I have a query while opening the front camera why it kind of lag to detect face? Is it normal please suggest

Deepu Kumar 16

Sir moto one power m face unlock h??????????

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nice analysis https://www.bankimpandey.ooo/2018/10/motorola-one-power-review.htmlThe smartphone has 15.75-cm (6.2 inches) full HD+ screen with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a powerful 5000-mAh battery, the smartphone is capable of delivering video content, listen to music, or play graphics-rich video games for a full day experience. The position of power and volume buttons are on the right, and the SIM tray is on the left. It has a dual camera set up at the back, and the camera module consists of both lenses along with a dual-tone LED flash. As it contains Android one so you will get OS updates, system innovations or… Read more »
Mohit Bhatia

is the primary sensor a Sony sensor
please specify
eagerly wanted to know

Tony Pooyappallil

Hows the audio quality via headphones

I'm Heisenberg

Bro, will Motorola be fixing the cameras with updates??? Please enlighten me.

Soumya Pavan

Selective background black and white option is thr and spot colour option is thr in one power


i think he is a young boy but he doesn't

Nabeel Dukes

Photos stolen from flipkart fuck u man take photos on your phone

jayashree Rajkumar

There is no slow motion video option...

Chittaranjan Patra

Does it support slow motion vedio recording??

Sourav Das

Screencasting working fine? Please upload a video on that

Nana Alves

Alguem Sabe Como faço para mudar da primeira câmera pra segunda câmera traseira? Não sei usar as duas câmeras traseiras como mudar de uma pra outra?

junnardeo junnardeo

Isme Sabse Badi problem kya hai ki Jab Main camera se photo le Jati Hai tab Paas wala jo photo Hota Hai poplar Sahi Se Hota Hai Baki other doodh se ki chalane wala photo blur nahi hota hai

Arun Kumar

@selfi can anyone tell me to take easy 🤳 by touching any where on the screen...like other Motos

Apurba Sikdar

Hey man... I'm unable to use selfe stk with this mobile... Does any one know about it???

Domb Deck

Pls tell me why wallpaper see blur at bottom ?


क्या इसके दोनो Rear कैमरे काम करते है या सिर्फ एक ही काम करता है और दूसरा Show के लिए है?