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Hi Brandon, With the Helios link you gave, is this with the right adaptor for a6500 as it says micro 4/3. thanks man, subbed.

Ocean with Alyona

Офигеть! У меня же есть Гелиос, я то думала выкинуть!

Abhishek Galshar

Helios lens needs adapter for Sony a 6300? Guide me any other vintage lense that I can use it without adapter my Sony a 6300


This is brilliant. I shoot a lot on bigger cameras but have just bought the A7Sii and these tips are amazing, I got the Helios and the anamorfaux straight away. Can't wait to see the results. Thank you!

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Michael Hanrahan

What about the Sony Zeiss 55 1.8? Super sharp, super light, incredibly quick and silent autofocus — any reason you don't have it in your kit?

Dj Toman

That Nikkor 35mm f2 lens might not be very remarkable, but that shot with the lovely lady tracing the Chinese script with her fingers is beautiful.

La Botella de Papá y Ángela
Nice video as usual. It is kind of funny, that in the old times, manufacturers would try hard to engineer the hell out of lens in order to avoid the optical defects and aberrations,, the flares and so on. And we would buy the most expensive lens we could afford in order to avoid them... But now those computer designed lenses with aspheric components have become so perfect, that the old imperfections are sought for and used creatively... It's like the so hated clicks and pops in vynile records we tried so hard to avoid, and now they are sometimes… Read more »
Richard Crowe

I love using manual lenses for their character and look! I agree that the Sony cameras with IBIS and focus peaking are just great for manual lenses. I like my Helios but, also really enjoy shooting with the 55mm f/1.4 Auto Sears which is great for portraiture...

Brandon Li

Should I swap out any of these lenses? Let me know your favorites.

Clever Girl Productions

I shot my first short film primarily with that same Helios lens and I freaking loved it! I was really pleased with the quality and look it gave me.

Random Life Productions

I know this is an old video.the Pentax 50mm 1.7 is great.

John Sedonio

If the Nikkor has automatic it means it is screw-driven I guess. It would have a designation of AF-D. Your camera body would have a focus motor that will turn a screw and hence turn the focus gears on that lens. I guess that is how it works.


What adapter are you using on your a7sii for helios... thanks

tean tan

I like watching your videos Brandon Li (NOT Lee) cos your videos are most times very imaginative and NOT boring.

the truth

great review, old manual lenses are indeed different i find them more organic


The most important isue for video on the Helios is the aperturering is without clicks... this is a great feature.

Jorge Andre

Great video mate!
Which adapator do you use for the HELIOS LENS and SONY A7III

Login Lee

Hi Brandon, great videos, love all your work.
Just wondering have you tried the SLR magic 18mm 2.8 comparing to the Laowa 15mm?


...undoubtedly if not, one of the most informative vlogs on manual lenses, tips & "how to's". Awesome ...thank you : )


Hey Brandon... Big Fan over here! Love Your videos... I only shoot manual lenses at this time (funds are low). Can you give me your opinion of my lenses and which one I should use when I am filming? Right now I only use them for photography but I am transitioning to doing more film (i shoot with a Sony A7RII):

Rokinon 14mm CINE T3.1

Minolta 45mm f2 (pancake lens)
Minolta 50mm f2
Minolta 135mm f3.5
Minolta 35-70 f3.5
Minolta 75-200 f4.5

Adin Walls

Your videos are so helpful, I’m more and more leaning to manual vintage lenses for video and photo because they’re cheap and add great character.

Kathy Robinson

💕💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😇😇😇loved your footage! Very informative 😇