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Randy Martin

Does it have a new transmission are the same old one that lunges

Kokkolino 11
As a RAM owner for years I will have to say and ask: is that vabriation technology will solve the issues with the vabriation on the steering wheel at 1200 rpm to 2000 rpm? Or the vabriation coming from the rear from the drive shaft ? And stop blaming Goodyear for making crappy tires after all !!!! They connect will actually working or it will need software updates ones a month or the electrical system rear sensors front sensors high beams wipers will function properly this time including the air suspension as will not handle the Canadian cold or the… Read more »
Bill Cargil

Driving Television is a great show too No surprise it’s been going over 10 yrs

Chris Holland

Damn they got more legroom and space now!!! Just like the F150 and tundra!!!

Javier Sanchez

when are the crashing test coming out?




Wisconsin Rebel Homes

What the hell have u fca morons done to dodge?

Anderson C
Looks like RAM has put serious thought in the redesign of the 2019. With class leading interior quality and being the only truck brand to include a 12" NAV screen. Something very worthwhile is this very tech oriented generation. the 12" screen only lacks stylus support. 🙂 Wonder if the truck can function as a hotspot.My question about RAM trucks is...how reliable have they been? As reliable and well built as a Ford F150? There's one YouTube video of a new owner who had problems with his 12" screen...locks up and won't retain the radio statin choices. No idea if… Read more »
Gregory Vierra

Beautiful truck inside and out. Appears to be solidly built as well.

Skodz Gaming

ram 2019 by far the best looking exterior and INTERIOR of all 2019 trucks.

shift intohigh

Fantastic review! Superb blending of running footage.


great products, awesome reviews, but pathetic customer service and quality control :-/

David Vasquez

That's not a truck, but an SUV with a small box on the back.

James Weinzierl

I’ve had 3 rams and they keep getting better . The rotary shifter is one of the best features others don’t have .


Apple CarPlay does not work well on the 12 inch screen it drops and re connects switches back and forth to Bluetooth randomly


He didn't mention the dual panoramic sunroof! Yes a truck with a GIANT sunroof 🙂 I have this truck in white with the 12inch screen! Everything about this vehicle is AMAZING!!!! You can't beat all the luxury and safety features.

Simone Stella

Zack you need to do a video with the Canadian only Sport model!

don wilson

New trucks and cars destroy more people financially than anything else out there. 5 or 6 years of crushing debt. I wait until people have to sell or it gets repo'd and then I buy used.

hippo potamus

Is there a way to disable the auto start/stop? This is a deal breaker for me. Thnx