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my first DSLR, video helped a ton, thanks! great channel!

Timmy Edens

up up down down left right left right abab select start... Contra was the Sht... Love all your Vids!

Nasir Qureshi

What the actual crap is with Nikon recently bought a D5600 and Bluetooth option is greyed out and when I try to touch it or click it , it says this option not available in current settings ... what I need to do and what the hell of settings I need to do ?? Damn man it’s super annoying any one going through this n knows how to fix it ??? And also the Wi-Fi option is damn so complicated have no idea what I actually need to do ?? Please guys help !!!!

ahmad javed

Nice video. How do u get shutter speed more than 1/200 as I can't pass that.


I know late comment but bought this camera today 😁 my first DSLR

Jazzy Bill

Thank you for making this awesome video!!! Very helpful tips!!


Haven’t taken it out of the box yet pretty intimidated just got it today first camera something I’ve always wanted just so much info


Is there a reset button that resets everything back to factory settings?

Gengxi Yifei

huge thumb up for that upupdowndownABBA button lol!!!!

Shera Masamune

Thank you very much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Amy Bradley

Just found you. Thanks so much as I am an old DSLR user and always shot in manual! You explained all of the menus very well. Much better than reading. Great job.

Randy Gardner

Thank you very much Jared. I really appreciate the care you take in making these videos, and how you anticipate so many things!

Rahul Kamble

Very detailed video. it's helpful. Thank you

Ayan Das

When i on live view mode then i can't control aperture, i use Nikon D5600 18-55 mm, I use manual mode,
when lens is 18mm f5.6 but when i zoom it 55mm then aperture automatically f9
Who can i fixed it.


Up down up down left right left right b a b a = cheat code to losing your virginity

Mescalito Video

what is the maximum time exposure please ?

Eslyn Gonzalez

Does this camera support hss. Ive been looking to see more about my type of camera and hss but i cant find an answer. Please help

Jose Barrios

How do I setup the Nikon d5600 to use an old manual Nikon lens? and with a flash?

Jael Sanchez

Hi hi! I have a big question, I just got my self a 5600 since I would like to start my own YouTube / instagram, I got my self also a sigma micro 105 mmf2.8 lenses to start. Now I already own a D3200 and some other great lenses but I wanted to know what is the best setting to start recording using both 5600 and the sigma? Also thank you so much for making this video it help a lot more then I thought ^.^

John Tob
I have a Nikon D5600, but when in M manual mode I can only adjust shutter speed. Can someone explain how to adjust both aperture and shutter speed in manual mode? It lets me adjust the ISO by using Fn with the command dial, but how to adjust the aperture. I want to increase depth of field (using a small aperture) but I don't want it darker so I'm using a slowish shutter speed. It does mention changing aperture at 27:55 in the video but that isn't in Live View. The command dial adjusts shutter speed, and with Fn it… Read more »
Robin Wieske

Hi @Jared you skipped almost everything in the custom settings menu sadly. Just letting you now. Great video though!