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Does anyone else hear this as almost a homage to good old dancey industrial music? It's like they did that but more acoustic.


Maybe it's just me but I miss the angrier stuff... 🙁

Ch Pe

This is the only song i like in the entire album. The rest of the album sucks dick. I'm glad this album wasn't playing on the radio or on TV during the 90s. I used to pay real money for Trent's cd's every time a new one was released. I wouldn't pay for this album or any of his recent albums or looped music he's done with Atticus Ross.

Anisha Krishna

this reminds me of All My Friends by LCD Sondsystem

Charles Abraham

Pretty fucking good song. So many layers keep it classic nin with some new sounds for him too


Bad Witch is AMAZING. One of the best works from Trent...maybe even the best. The sonics are out of this world. I honestly don't care about others opinion. THIS IS AMAZING. IT'S NEW. IT'S FUCKING ART


Find me here for a time
Dog break down the door

Lee 3:16

I listened to this the moment it was uploaded to YouTube, still come back at least once a week haha.

Ch Pe

I'm just here looking for comments about how people can hear or smell David Bowie.

Sid Switch

Trent — I Miss Bowie.
Atticus Gives Trent The Sax.
Atticus — Go Nuts.

Salvador Diaz del Valle Santana

First time I heard this I was like “has NIN lost it?” Second time I started to realize... fuck, this is brilliant. NIN just keeps evolving.

Howard Burgin

When it falls out. . . you just stick it back in. . . it wasn't an accident. . .lets pretend. . . when it slips out. . . its no big deal. . . all you got to do is. . . push it back in. . .


This is like one of those crazy, too in-depth conspiracy theories, but:

The black image in the video looks similar to a star, I guess? The sun's a star.
It's a black star. Hmm. AND this song sounds an awful lot like Bowie.

Means Of Egress

I enjoy the intimacy and personal feel of this song


It's after midnight on T Reznor's birthday, and I'm listening to this song.

Christopher Keiser

I really dig this song. Very very trippy for me. And so different in a good way. Close your eyes and sit back and relax

Daniel Andrews
Like most of you I've loved NIN since day one. I remember when one could only listen to him off a bootleg copy. I saw him at Hammerjack's in Baltimore in 1991 when he was promoting "Pretty Hate Machine," and then again a few years ago in Orlando (one of my top 5 favorite concerts), promoting "Hesitation Marks." He never stops evolving!After hearing "Bad Witch," I'm starting to think that Trent's well is bottomless! At only a few moments in his career has he been less than brilliant. And at his worst, he was still quite palatable! His best music… Read more »