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Sam Weed

my SD card is saying its full and ive tried to format it? How do i do this again please as cant seem to get it working thanks


I hasten to upset you. 96220 does not remove the real HD 1080, but only with interpolation. This chip takes a real HD 720 p, but for the price very good.

Ratah Tah

Is buyee the knock off version of this cause I have the same one but called buyee

Lucas Cleroux

you know where i can get the manual for this one? i bought it but did not have the manual in it. I want to know what is all those icons are on the screen.

Patrick Valschaerts

Anybody ,, is there somebody who dit find a manuel for this dashcam...Thanks

Adam Adams

is double use like the road and inside the car or just outside ?

Kurt Riegel

Please take down this useless video: no sound, no explanation, totally out of focus. The worst.

John Yost

This video isn't the correct one for the Novatek 96220 full HD 2.7 LCD HD. Just like the directions confusing. If it was it still is bad. what a waste.

Тамара Тарасова

Мне вот этот нравится http://bit.do/f5Vsx5d

Ron J Alexander

If anyone out there is planing on purchasing one like this [don't] it's nothing but garbage ........got one and it worked one time. NFG

Krisztián Mohácsi

Everithing is just rubbish about this video.
Not only the focus...
Not informative at all.
Wasted time of your life.
I don't think anybody on this planet would watch it.

Graham West

Cant understand a bloody thing. To me I paid in good faith, I am an aged pensioner, and money is money. Just cant get it to work. RUBBISH.

Kev Hildebrandt

Pure utta crap video, worst of the worst

Curtis Acton

since you cannot speak at least post the user manual USELESS

Aziz Musa

A piece of shit. Only thing that works is the on off button. I want my money back.

Emery Stautzenberger

Where can I get the Drivers for this unit,Last update I lossed the Drivers on this unit ??? With out the Drivers this unit is DEAD. ?????????