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I'm Theonly

There's only 1 relevant question, where's volume 2? I need it, so badly.

kazi rahman

and with a name like rakka I thougth it was a hindi horror movie some one called rakka or about middle eastern city name why did they call it rakka what nonsense

kazi rahman

that's probably why they never made a second volume come on this typical American bull shit American flag waveing bull shit total properganda

kazi rahman

so these are the last survivors of humanity some far right looking americanmilitia with American flags on there jeeps and wall and the one who has been brain washed is the black guy called amir wow just wow Donald trump and his trump tards would be happy with this short film proper Donald trumptard

Jeromy Stone

LOVE Miss Weaver. What a pleasant surprise. Kick-Ass vid by the way. Kudos.


Exceptional short. Where's the 10-episode series? Hopefully this was a test production and someone will pick it up?

Allan Brogdon

Texas doesn't have right hand drive cars.


I thought the film was about the city of Raqqa in Syria


이렇게 끝내면 반칙이지. 후속편은 어딨나요?

السيناتور كروري

شنو اسم الفلم؟ ؟

Rika Ika

This is so great movie, volume 1, then the volume 2 ,thank you so much

Idomar Luiz Pinto

Sou único Brasileiro PLAYBOYZANDO AQUI???!!!

Boi If Yuon Gimme Yo Bish

Still waitin on that volume 2

Ayivi S. Maxus Ahité

Super cool ce concepte, surtout avec les effets visuels qui sont bien réussis, j imagie un peut en séries

Y Liberal

Omg — what a teaser! Is that Mila Olgovich's (not sure of spelling her last name) voice? Maybe not. My God — Sigourney Weavers an icon for dealing with aliens, this is going to be a blockbuster when it hits the big screen!!!

zzz700 hhh800

هذا الفلم اسمه الرقه وهي منطقه في سوريا ينزل فيها الفضائيون وتحصل معركه

Mare Tranquillity

I wanted to watch your video but the whispered narration was impossible for me to decipher. It might be nice to put closed captions on if you want folks to watch. Bear in mind that You Tube has white on white captions that not visible to many people. Yellow is a nice color for captions.


そもそも我々の地球と言うが人間のものでわ無い 寧ろ、ほかの生物からしたら人間は十二不満に侵略者だわ

Нусу Кубанычбеков

Что за фильм подскажите

Lesetja Vangrond

keep inspiring us keep up the great work

Aslam Sayyed

Jesus Christ is coming and Kill Dajjal Zionist go to hell becoz lillaahi waahid ill qahhaar Allahu Akbar !!!

Fata Fata

Alguém tem esse episódio dublado ou legendado em português?

Сайпудди Бисаев

Как фильм называется?