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Angela Lowe
I cant believe all the sexist (disparaging to women) remarks here. Yes I can parallel park well but I use the auto park often as city parking where I live, is very tight and width of parks very narrow. I never totally trust it however. Once I found myself reversed up the footpath (previous Golf). The other stuff I have never used — reverse angle park assist, help getting out of tight parking (when someone else has boxed you in) but I would like to. The display on this car is totally different from my Golf 7 and, quite frankly, the… Read more »

Are there German versions of these videos? Because I can hear, that the language which the guy speaks is German


Are there German versions of these videos? Because I can hear, that the language which the guy speaks is German

Justin Nitkowski

thats some shit im talkin bout ... such technology preserves the female lifespan ... hoes better not touch my car


So why didn't the parking system choose the least resistance way? Just pass all those cars and you have a sea of room with alot of free parking space.

Cousin Eddie

Parallel park is such a simple process...really! What's next, the car gonna drive up to the door and the seat come out so I can sit down without getting in.

Sean Kadar

I'm a proud new owner of a new 2017 Passat SEL Premium 1.8t. I love my car. I love the VW brand in general. However after watching this video it saddens me that VW doesn't offer the Passat hatchback in the USA. I would totally trade mine in tomorrow if they offered it here in the USA with 4 motion. Come on VW bring it here. All we get is the little brother.

Raju Tolani

hi there i would like to how much average does this car gives

Nancy Bonaventura

I have 2019 Tigusn this is my second one the best ever wouldnt buy anything else


that's not diagonal. That's perpendicular (90 degrees).

Barry Perry

coming out the first car park he was doing the stearing

Mzwandile Harmans

Very funny that it's a VW of 2016. I would like to welcome it to 2015 Opel Corsa 1.0T that does that from 2015 for both reverse and parallel parking, blind spot sensors, etc. I have it. The question is, does the VW Polo do that in 2018? The answer is NO 😂

Ammar Anas

Beautiful car... I wish they sell here in Malaysia. Passat Hatchback is a beauty.


Future of snowflakes who won't have any driving skills and any other simple general knowledge. Using technology to do everything for you. Makes you so dumb in the outside world. Where you won't have access to any of this technology.

Владислав Иванов

Hi! I own Tiguan in Russia. I don't like that progress bar on dashboard's screen right behind the steering. When steering spins it's hard to watch for progress bar. Why don't to put this progress bar to the center screen? Also, it's so stupid when car can find the space to park in unbelievable place between cars parked in random direction, but when I have a special parking place with white lines and 2 perfectly parked cars between it my car says me "f*ck you, there is no space to park".

Alex Caddell

i noticed that in the parallel park exit, the vehicle reversed off the road on the inside onto the grass. if this was a gutter, you would have damaged the vehicle wheel at the rear. i'm not satisfied that this really is useful tech at this stage
keep up the good work and im sure VW will get it right one day