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Green Morning Dragon Productions

Subscribed!!! You had me at "cheap cameras"!

Sifat Hosen

Can it blur image like dslr?? Can it focus from a big distance???

Kenneth Robles

Hi planning to buy this one do you reccomend this camera? Is this better than samsung s7 camera? Thanks!


i bought a used white pentax q. i dont want to carry obvious heavy lenses till i become really professional.

John Sanchez

So I'm really considering buying this camera, I found it for $300 USD new with the 01 lens. I would probably only use it for social media. I was just wondering if there is any camera comparable to this, withing the same price range you would recommend, before I buy this one?

Gerald Prix

I noticed with 06 telephoto zoom lens that quality is below my expectation at extreme focal length...
Maybe with perfect lighting pictures would be acceptable.
The same problem is present in many lenses on the market — focal length wars 🙂
Pentax-01 Standard Prime Lens is a must — not sold with newer Pentax Qs though.

Der Lylle

Hey Bro,
cooles Video, habe dir ein Abo dagelassen 🙂
Wir kleinen YouTuber müssen schließlich zusammenhalten 🙂