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Love Lyfe

I want to make a photogrammetry model of a nude woman. How would I go about doing that?

yann devouassoux

Yah, if only the program worked on a Mac!!!!
Thumbs down 🙁


What about doing this for people who own VR headsets? I own a HTC vive which has a front facing camera and is tracked in 3D space in real time

Jonard Bolante

What camera or smartphone camera did you use when capturing pictures?

Also, I'm wondering whether a great smartphone such as Galaxy Note 9 is sufficient enough to produce amazing photogrammetry results as opposed to a DSLR camera. Does anyone know?

Two Three Four

Great software, but the only MAJOR drawback is: it only supports CUDA (Nvidia). No support whatsoever for other GPU frameworks such as OpenCL. From their GitHub support page regarding this CUDA only, they currently don't have any interests and resources to create a port for another GPU frameworks.

Tim Murphy

I wonder is it possible to for meshroom to process a folder of images without drag and drop for different projects


Why can't we just take videos ? Isn't a video just a bunch of photos ?


How does this compare to agisoft photoscan? which one is better?

American Pi

Thanks Josef Prusa but how do I turn my finished mesh into an STL? Do I import the final file into my Slicer, slice, then save as an STL for Print?
Tx allot for the video!

Ricardo Ortiz

How accurate are the dimensions? Let say I choose one dimension in my object as reference and after processing I make sure to scale in order to match that reference dimension, how accurate will be all my other dimensions of the object?

Nikos Kargatzhs

Hello from Crete! I keep trying to test meshroom but it crashes on prepare dense scene! Can you please help me out?

Sergeant Seven

Call me when they have something that doesn't require an $vidia card.

Marcus Wiederhold

What the hell... most of the Photogrammetry Software only supports Nvidia Graphics Card because of ugly property Cuda ju**. Very sad for AMD owners like me. And I don't buy a new GPU from Envydia

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Wait so AMD gpus don't work??


can you remove parts of the scanned image, so for example if I scanned an apple with a fork in it could I remove the fork from the scanned image?


Quick question, how would you photograph the bottom of an object properly. My example I want to scan a miniature van from all angles. To get the under carriage would I just have to fo a second mesh with the van upside down?

Jerry Fisher

I love doing photogrammetry. The only thing that I wish was different is that there were more software that runs natively on a Mac. I know Macs are a smaller part of the overall market. Before anyone says "Get a Windows machine!" I'm planning on adding an Nvidia card to my Mac Pro and make my hard drive dual boot to have both macOS and Windows. I just know Mac better than Windows right now.

Masego Ernst

Hi. What's the accuracy of the dimensions reconstructed by the software?

Pietro Malaguti

I tried to download Meshroom but seems have no installer...

Vijaykumar Vakkalagadda

Jobs untai photographi lo tele me pls

Quangphuc Nguyentran

Could anyone tell me what did he do at 6:28 to get the complete object at 6:30 (with the green slicing plane)? I imported my obj file and it looked like in 6:28 but Idk what to do next 🙁

Jonard Bolante

During 7:20, the person is demonstrating using the smartphone camera for photogrammetry.
Is vertical orientation for smartphones recommended or does it not matter?


Dangit! Im on an Amd Radeon 580 and i cant do this! i hope there is a work around or update that can make it compatible with Amd graphics cards.

Prasad Prasad

Can this software support me in setting up a photo booth for 3d figurine business... I can use my own cameras

Brad Stephens

Joseph I really admire all of your work. Do you know of any convincing articles on the market/need for photogrammetry that I can share with colleagues to help them understand the potential demand for this technology? Some of it's potential is understood by your subscribers, but it seems sometimes people need to read a higher-level article in HBR or something like that to appreciate it's importance and potential. Also the art of manual re-meshing is an important topic. Have you covered that in other videos?

joshua enrique lopez marin

any recommendation for a NVIDIA board thas does performs CUDA at a affordable middle price? thank you


Autodesk ReCap does a good job too, and off loads the work to their supercomputer.

Стас Старков

I can't make it work! I have a small detail (10 cm long, not thick). Even 100 good quality photos doesn't help.

David Wilson

Couldn't you put a white background and the model on a lazy susan?


Skvělé video 😀
Mám ale problém s tím, že když vložím fotky do meshroomu, ukazuje mi to u nich oranžovou značku s nápisem no camera instrinsic parameters. Už jsem zkusil přidat do databáze camerasensors další objektivy, ale problém přetrvává. Nevíte někdo, jak to opravit? (fotím mobilem xperia x compact)


Can you import pictures little by little? I mean if you have 150 pictures for the object, can you import them by 20s to deal with hardware limitations?


Presumably it uses background details to work out where photos were taken from and that's why rotating the object on a white background doesn't work well. So perhaps it would work if you place the object on something like a chessboard on a turntable. That way you get a background it can use as a reference.


Too bad I have AMD graphics...boooo. But can't you use 3dF Zephyr, and export a mesh *.ply file, then import to MeshLab to create a *.stl file to print??