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Patriot One

How is this dash cam working after a year of ownership? Would you still reccomend?


I just got mine last week, I'm very impressed (so far) with the quality of the video and sound.

Hoss McDonald

Just bought the s300 and like the HD video. I updated the firmware (FWB70A.bin) today (1-16-2017) Now loop recording has 1,3,5 min but no choice for off. Looks like no continuous long recordings on road trips. Weird.


what gps works with this can you please send me the link im going to buy this product but i want the gps?


How about the installation and the video feed videos you promised?

Neo Anderson

Hi, the small orange thing is "Card Reader", as shown in Chinese.


Thanks for the review! Whenever you rotate the lens you have to then hold down (long-press) the MIC button for 2 seconds. This will invert the video so it's not upside down. If you are a Uber or Lyft driver then you might want to consider elsewhere since you can't exactly rotate it in a pinch unlike the Garmin or Ausdom type cams. That said, I really like the stealthy form factor and the price point/features.