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Calvin Chann

Of the two I’d go for the Mamiya. Save some money and buy more film and chemicals. But if I want 6×6, I’d just use my 500CM. I’ve never really gelled with TLR’s.

Stéphane S.

I prefer the Moskva 5 6×9
The 6×6 is not my taste
but I'm intruigued by these cameras

Enrique Aguilar

Hola Eduardo, sabes el precio actual de las dos en pesos mexicanos o donde podría conseguir alguna? Gracias por este video!!!

Dada Sasa

There is a good reason why you have to pay more for a camera...quality.

neil piper

You can get a Beatie screen for the Rollei to increase brightness.
I preferred the Schneider Xenotar 2.8 to the Zeiss Planar back in the day. We had the meterless Rolleiflex version and used a separate Gossen meter. There is built in parallax correction on the Rolleiflex and the pairs of close up lenses have built in parallax prisms to correct the view.
Both good cameras. Rolleiflex lenses are WAAY superior.

Agapito Turrubiartes

the yashica 635 is the best twin camera for the $$$

Antoine Périer

Hi Edouardo. Interesting comparison. Just one remark. Rolleiflex has an automatic paralax correction which is really better than the red line of the mamiya. To be mentioned is the mamiya paramender if you want a precise view, but it is heavy and slow... Best regards

Darren Davis

Nice comparison, I was lucky enough to pick up a mamiya c330 s recently from a charity shop for less than £5.00, I dont usually shoot film but think i may have a play. will certainly be a learning curve after using a sony a7ii.

Guy Butterworth

so get a yashica 124 , that is what you are saying really !!:)

Peter Bölke

Thanks for this video.I can say that Mamiya builds great lenses. I am allways satisfied with my RZ67 with it lenses, so i dont think its worth pay double or triple price, just getting 10% Performance,...an improvement which i wouldnt recognise...

The first place I worked at had nothing but Rolleiflex TLR, we shot everything with them. Portraits, Weddings, Press, Passport, industrial and even marine boat to boat in fast RIBs. Totally brilliant cameras, not much you can't do with them. You can get Rollei close-up filters if you want to shoot close up. Easily my favourite camera ever, everything about the Mamiya was clunky and awkward after using the Rollei, the things the Mamiya did that a Rollei doesn't were all done better with a 'blad. So many system cameras that were nicer to live with than the Mamiya. You… Read more »
Francisco Domenech

Excelentes consejos Eduardo para los que estamos pensando en comprar una cámara analógica de medio formato.
Estaría bien que hicieras un vídeo de como revelas ,escaneas y retocas las fotos, que tipos de carretes usas, cuanto te cuestan... un saludo desde España.

Matthias Dongus

Hello Eduardo. Thank you very much for this great comparison. You can actually do double exposure with the Rolleiflex. There is a ring around the crank which you have to pull into the direction of the arrow while cranking the shutter.

Jens Rückert
Hello there! Thank you for the great video! I have a view TLRs, those two, the different Mamiya lenses and a Meopta... I like them all and use them for different reasons on different occasions: in one I shoot colour film in the other one black and white, one I use for landscapes one for close ups or portraits, one for city walks ... one for the day out at the seaside. What I like with the mamiya lenses is the outcome with Kodak portra films... maybe my personal impression. the fixed lenses I use with 400 fomapan mostly. Whereas… Read more »
João Passarinho

Which one is more realistic/less contrasty?

Alberto García

There is a photo on the back that is up side down. Hehe

Stephen Crowfoot

Eduado, something else to be aware of between the two cameras is how the film is held. Mamiya is direct feed from reel to reel very flat, with the Rollei the film travels around a 90° bend at the bottom of the film chamber and if the film is left in the camera for a long period of time a deformation can form across the film. I use a C330 and a C220 and a Rolleicord 1V, all make super pics!

Bernd 1234

Hello Eduardo,
I have a question. Where did you buy the strap for your Rolleiflex? I have also a Rolleiflex and I did not find a strap with good quality.
Thanx Bernd

Randall Stewart
To summarize this video, the Mamiya is cheaper to buy, focuses closer. and has interchangeable lenses. All other considerations weigh heavily in favor of the Rollei. The suggestions that there is equivalency between the lenses is laughable. The lens in the Rollei is one of the all-time best ever made. The whole lens line for the Mamiya TLRs was (to be polite) average at best, some less so. That said, at the print sizes produced by 95% of the users, you probably cannot tell the difference between these lenses, or between these lenses and those in most other medium format… Read more »
The Great Vanzinni!

If I need portabilty I might go with my Yashica 124. But I still have all my old Mamiya stuff. You really want a , oh dang what was it called? Porroflex? Porrofinder.? Eye level focusing finder with light meter. Pretty cool extra.

Howie Mudge

Great comparison. I opted for the Mamiya because of the interchangeable lens selection. Both are excellent TLR's though.

Fotografia Gabriel Costa

A mí me gustó Hamburguesa!! Jajaja, tendrías que hacerle unos buenos retratos. Muchas gracias por los videos. Son excelentes.


Whats with that upside down picture on the background?

Thomas Duffy

great video man. ty. folks should keep in mind that the rollei's will last a long time BUT, they were designed with the intention of them getting serviced periodically. I used to shoot wedding's with a mamiya 330. they are bullet proof.! great music to btw.
I vote mamiya