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why invite sadguru...is it economic forum or spiritual forum.

Julia Smith

Sadhguru is so beautiful! 🤲
With my spiritual journey I've also been watching a lot of Master Sri Avinash Do at the moment. #SriAvinashDoTV 🙏
I've found his Satsang teachings make me feel more relaxed.

Terlan Xudaverdiev

Садгуру за энергию каторую вы исползоваете вы плотете по шочеку или исползоваете нелегално


Dodged the question about 1% population owning 50% of India's wealth. No it's not ok.

San Sha

I hope Hakim and the same kind and their masters should learn that the very limited and narrow band data should not be used to paint to picture the situation to suit your agenda and damage the nations, societies, cultures etc. and regret later when it is too painful and costly to reverse the situation.

Ganesh Gullapelli

Today completed 1Year of this Video


Those two cute jokers were really funny. They should have known to respect the context of the forum and peoples time. Instead of asking some question to benefit the forum, or to satisfy their curiosity, or to learn something new, they chose to use this occasion to malign the guest. Phew! 🙄

Ravi Kumar

Those two fallen in trap of NGO should be liberated

Amritanjay Kumar Singh

Sadhguru talks are inspiring...and enlighten the whole

Rotash Sahu

I think not only me but we all need such guidance... Satguru all your words are like blessings of God

anilkumar yadav

एंकर की बात शुरू में सुनकर लगा बानर

#Insight — Seems like we are moving from a consumption era to conservation era. Societies around the world are slowly but surely turning from consumption mindset to conservation mindset. Businesses build around consumption will not thrive in societies focused on conservation mindset. This is very evident in the context of India. The question is what business model would work in societies embracing conservation mindset. #India has always had a mindset of conservation, businesses which want to convert this mindset has never seen huge successes and hence the Indian market is and will always be the tough market to crack even for… Read more »
Ravi Kumar

If you have invested your self into something already and you have to say this!!! that guy should take sanyas.

Raghav Rangarajan

I admire him. I would like to know if he has ever felt a question a great one? Felt hard to answer? Made him think damn! That was a good one

Amogh Arcade

Is it not the same way as the safety pin business,the Abrahamic religions doing their invasive business towards destruction of humanity ?

jess jesse

1: go to false journalist & ask him why he write liarsstory ? Go to journalist & ask where he get fals informative words? Who you trust dude liars or teachers who give you answers explanation , called true versions ? Research first before you act stoopeth dude ! Helllo used your brainlobs more !!

jess jesse

2: Dont you know what jelousy result to ...? Jelousy false journalist you think they support & are honesty txt writters ? Unbelievable dumbest + stoopeth people ?

jess jesse

3: you think all scientist lecture are honesty research ? You think all scientist are trustable ? You think all doctor are honesty ...? Are you toddler ...belief in fantasy & think that is reality ? Demn get awake dude ! Hellllo or stay stoopeth ...? It all up to you ...? Peace !

jess jesse

4: Learn to respect ✊ true teachers & gracefully for all their hard working & explaining ! Instead of nagging belief crap tv crap tabloid crap fake lectures , the moneygrab typesliars !

jess jesse

5: women ask : religion ! Religion = toxin for humenitarians ! Why ...? You called allah + god = commpetition fight im best im winner im allmight it looks like 2 toddlers boys fight for place nr 1 & their enemie is satan ? Seriously dude ...?

jess jesse

6: religion = for toddlers ! Why...? Toddler blame other , toddler tell liarstory , toddler scream loud , toddler bad listeners , toddler jelousy , toddler fight ! Mature people search peace happyness respect humentarian no jelousy no scream are needed! That are diferent toddler religion or mature behaviour ! It all up to you dude !


Absolutely brilliant. Very few people can talk like this. Just complete trust. Now you can close your eyes and nobody will touch you.