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Terry Pyne

Great information. I hope to use the blue tooth capability if I can get the power operating again. It may have suffered from a power surge even though it plugged into a surge protector. I'm trying to find out if there is an internal power reset or fuse that could be replaced. ????

Sammy Davis

Could you help me how to download apps like Netflix for a Samsung hospitality tv?

beag chic

Have this remote with a Samsung UE55JU7500 and getting irritated by tv memory low message when using IPTV, can I delete built-in apps freeing up memory via this service menu, there is little information online regarding this problem with this particular model

rob b

yes it works, but im interested in putting it into developer mode and allowing apps from 3rd part ... i wank to install APKs on it myself and cant see them in the samsung app store ? cheers

David Forbes

wonder if can upload family photo on to start up logo of "Smart TV' when first switch on if so HOW?

because we went to hotel and their samsung tv — first switch on, shown display was "Welcome to (name) hotel... hope you all enjoying your stay."


It's not working for me? Please help? I need a new 2018 content made for this video?

Benjamin Scotty

how can i put youtube app on my samsung smart tv series 8. it is not on the samsung apps

Steve Woodford

Is there an unknown sources option I need to turn on to install 3rd party apks on Samsung smart tv is it in this service menu?

Joseph David

My Samsung SmartTV UN55D8000YFXZA, Version H302, does not power off with the Qwerty remote. Source, Channels buttons are not working on the remote. In Menu: Network and Channels are not hi-lighted to turn on. Is there a tutorial to show me how to turn on all of these, to restore functions? Or is there a problem with hardware? Factory Reset did not help. But I was somehow able to restore Pictures function in the secret menu. I was able to turn on the Bluetooth functions, but they did not appear in the TV menu.Thank you.

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Mike F

Any know if Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) can be enabled in the "secret menu"? I don't see anything there. It's not in my regular GUI menu. I have a 55" CLASS J6201.


I turned my tv into an hdr and it is not an hdr tv

Avraham Stern

https://youtu.be/SgQqeg0tn4Q Darks picture/subtitles issue. Warn your friends before buy Samsung TV untill theyll fix it. Its all-models problem. All "EKO" off. Write to Samsung if you already have TV. Please share !

Ilarion Soltys

I don't have engineering tab. But expert tab is present, but inactive. How can I activate expert tab?

james cristina

why i make that 2 options and still the bluetooth not apears in my tv?
thanks for your help.

monkstanding last

try using adb to install other apps from your laptop/pc its easy lots of videos showing you how

I have the D8000 TV and I need help. Currently I have a really annoying thing where if I choose anynet+ and switch everything to ON it performs as I want with one problem.The on screen volume that pops up is very annoying, I currently use my hdmi amplifier do on screen display on volume and the anynet+ volume pop up gets in the way and also shows incorrect values of number of volume on my amp. Is there any way to code out the anynet volume pop up display?. I have managed to do this but with hdcep anynet… Read more »
Voornaam Achternaam

Question :Can I set timeshift to automatic in this menu?

Mo J

Can channels be recorded with an external drive if it’s install?

Felipe Rangel

I did changes and now my tv is not working properly, how do I get and restore the secret menu settings? I not able to access secret menu anymore