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Aviation Modelling Redefined

@iAnnieee Yeppp it does... i used it at my wedding 🙂 u can acces it via the main menu... or The Mode Menu... Read the Manual it has it in there 100%

-hope this helped 😀

Angela White

so the difference between ST500 and ST550 is just the main camera wideness? but other features are still the same?

muhammad iqbal

@jjessiiiicaa1337 yes, they have smilar of two screen lcd in front and at the back of camera.the different is main screen in ST500 is 3 inch,ST550 3.5 inch


@jjessiiiicaa1337 haha late reply...

im interested in buying this camera and wanted to check out some reviews...

btw its the same camera its just ST550 has bigger screen...and 500 has smaller one 🙂

Jessica Olofsson

this is the same as Samsung ST500 Red ? :O